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This event occurred on
October 8, 2011
12:00am - 11:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

Siamo un Paese con un gran futuro alle spalle? Spesso, tra politica-horror, rischi di bancarotta e lavoro precario, sembrerebbe di sì. Eppure abbiamo ancora tante risorse da mettere in campo. Sul terreno della creatività, della cultura e dell'innovazione. Ma anche di una società civile che, tra mille disincentivi, continua a fare la sua parte. Come la selezione di "best of" italiani che saranno presenti a TEDxReggioEmilia ampiamente dimostrerà.

ww lab | via farini 5
ReggioEmilia, 42121
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Paolo Sorrentino

Paolo Sorrentino (born May 31, 1970) is an Italian film director and screenwriter. Era nato a Napoli . He was born in Naples . His debut with a long feature is One Man Up ( L'uomo in più ), awarded with the Nastro D'Argento for the best young director. He achieved international recognition in 2004 for his stylish thriller, The Consequences of Love. The film, which explores the mindset of a lonely businessman being used as a pawn by the Mafia , won many awards and was nominated for the Palme D'Or at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival . Sorrentino's next feature, The Family Friend ( L'amico di famiglia ), was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May [ 1 ] and the London Film Festival in October 2006. It tells the story of a malicious septuagenarian loan-shark who develops a fixation with the beautiful daughter of one of his customers. Sorrentino made his acting debut with a cameo appearance in Nanni Moretti 's film The Caiman ( Il caimano ), which was also shown at the 2006 London Film Festival. Sorrentino's following film, Il Divo , is a dramatised biopic of Giulio Andreotti , the controversial Italian politician. The feature, which won the Prix du Jury at Cannes Film Festival, sees Sorrentino reunited with The Consequences of Love star, Toni Servillo , who plays the part of Andreotti. Da gennaio 2009, Sorrentino sta lavorando alla sceneggiatura di una versione cinematografica di Niccolò Ammaniti 's Ti Prendo e ti porto via (Steal Si Away). Variety reported in May 2009 that his new film, This Must Be the Place , will mark the English-language feature debut of Italian filmmaker. The plot of his latest work will centre around a middle-aged wealthy rock star, played by two time academy award winner Sean Penn , who becomes bored in his retirement and takes on the quest of finding his father's executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the US The film is based on a script co-written by Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello and is scheduled to premiere In Competition at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival .

Virginiana Miller

The Virginiana Miller are an alternative rock band formed Italian native of Livorno in 1990. The group's name is inspired by that of a plant of the Botanical Garden of Pisa

Amedeo Balbi

Amedeo Balbi, an astrophysicist, is a researcher at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. His latest book is The darkness beyond the stars. The exploration of the dark side of the universe. His (other) blog is Kepler.

Vea Vecchi

" We believe that giving attention to the aesthetic quality of the things that surround us is an ancient and deep aspiration of our species and constitutes an important distinguishing trait, a primary need. But we also feel that this attitude and these aspirations are debased by a contemporary culture that too often confuses beauty and care with ostentation and wealth, thus undervaluing the deep psychological and social repercussions. The ability to relate, to listen to places, to the quality and pleasantness of the environments in which we live and work is essential for our everyday mental health, as psychologist James Hillman has underscored for years. It is certainly the right of children to inhabit places that are beautiful and pleasant, and this line of furnishings aims to be a diligent promoter of this right".

Antonio Pascale

Anthony Pascale is a journalist and writer, lives in Rome. He writes for the theater and radio. Collaborate with the Morning, the Stranger and Limes.

Francesco Piccolo

He is an Italian novelist and screenwriter. He has written novels and short story collections: Allegro West, and was there when I was sleeping, the imperfect tense, first-born and only children stories (all published by Feltrinelli), carefree Italy (Yale University Press) and The separation of the male (Einaudi) . Stories of first-born and only children Giuseppe Berto won the literary prize and Piero Chiara. His latest book, published by Einaudi is titled "Moments of happiness negligible '," a collection of anecdotes on the happiness' of small everyday things. He has also worked in film writing screenplays, including My Name Is Tanino remember, Paz! (taken from comic strips by Andrea Pazienza), Wherever you are, The Caiman, even in a dream, and Quiet Chaos Days and Clouds "Habemus Papam" He collaborates with magazines and newspapers, and writes a column on the unit. He currently lives in Rome and by the screenwriting lab at DAMS the third University of Rome.

Filippo Romano

He's a deputy prefect who works in Calabria, southern Italy, where he tried to enforce the law

Tommaso Pincio

After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, started out as a cartoonist, he directed for ten years an international art gallery and lived in the late '80s and early '90s in New York as assistant to a famous painter it is during this period that he began to approach the writing. He made his debut as a novelist in 1999 with M.. Subsequently, he published The space exhausted (2000) and a love of the world (2002), a book that has divided the literary critic and author who has acquired a certain notoriety. It tells the life of Kurt Cobain, leader of the rock group Nirvana, through the eyes of his imaginary friend. The girl who was not her, published in 2005, takes stock of what has been lost and what is left of the dreams of love and freedom of the sixties. Instead, the 2006 Aliens, an investigation of how the hypothesis of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations has become one of the great myths of the modern era. The most recent publication is the author's fifth novel, Cinacittà. Tommaso Pincio regular contributor to Rolling Stone and the cultural pages of the Republic and the manifesto, dealing mostly American literature.

Fabio Mini

Fabio Mini (Manfredonia, December 11, 1942) is an Italian writer and military, commander of the KFOR mission in Kosovo from 2002 to 2003. After studying at the Military Academy of Modena and the School of Application of Turin, has a degree in Strategic Sciences and then improve in the humanities at the Lateran University and International Negotiation at the University of Trieste. Among the tasks was the spokesman of the Italian Army Chief of Staff and, from 1993 to 1996, he served as military attache in Beijing. He also directed the National Institute of Staff joint (ISSMI). General Corps, was Chief of Staff of NATO Command for Southern Europe and from January 2001 has led the Command Operations in the Balkans. From October 2002 to October 2003 he was commander of the peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, NATO-led KFOR mission in the. Commentator on geopolitical issues and military strategy, writes for Limes, the Republic and Express and is the author of several books.

Domenico Finiguerra

Dominic Finiguerra elected mayor of Lugagnano Cassinetta in 2002 with 50.4% of the vote and re-elected in 2007 with 62.7% of the votes. He won the election at the head of a liberal civic list in great contrast with the electoral trends of the time (and current). Why the large victory in counter? And 'close to his people. Very firmly defends its territory from the obtuse arrogance of power (both right and left). The people's rights are inalienable, and the first right is that you can live happily in their own land.

Sara Farnetti

Sara Farnetti, Internist the Twins, is the nutritionist for Miss Italy but also the founder of Eutrophia, an association for the spread of '"functional food" is an approach to prevent (and cure) of diseases by modifying the infinite' power. Launched together with the Ministry of Health and the Italian League fight cancer initiative to raise awareness on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle food.

Pino Petruzzelli

Writer and actor, Pine Petruzzelli was born in Brindisi, and after his studies in Rome, working to put culture at the service of important social causes, going to know firsthand the reality that then says. He founded the Center Theatre hypothesis, which deals with issues related to the respect and knowledge of cultures, and

Gianfranco Goretti

Digita il testo o l'indirizzo di un sito web oppure traduci un documento. Annulla Traduzione da italiano verso inglese italiano inglese spagnolo Historian who since 1987 has conducted research on the confinement of homosexuals under the Fascist regime and then collect them into a thesis and several publications.

Paolo Ainio

He is one of the founding fathers of the Internet in Italy, the protagonist of the new economy boom. In 1995 he founded Matrix S.p.A. (now controlled by Telecom Italy) and consequently, in 1996, the Virgilio portal, the first and most important Italian portal. Banzai founded in 2008.

Carla Poli

Carla is the owner of Poly Recycling Center Vedelago, which represents the best and total concrete alternative to the landfill of waste

Gaetano Saffioti

Entrepreneur of 48 years, the last eight lived under police protection for the arrest of 48 mobsters in 'Ndrangheta that extortion .. Since he reported the extortion, practically no longer works in Calabria, was able to rescue the company with orders from abroad.

Dagmawi Yimer

Dagmawi Yimer (Addis Ababa, December 6, 1977) is a director of documentaries Ethiopia. It grows from the Kabbalah, number 12 of Kirkos, the poorest district of Addis Ababa. After attending law in the Ethiopian capital, partly to Italy in 2005 without notifying the father but the mother and sister, both emigrated to Washington. His journey will prove to be Kirkos in Lampedusa is told in dramatic and documentary Like a man on earth. From July 30, 2006, the day of the landing in Lampedusa, lives in Italy with humanitarian protection of the Italian State. After having participated between May and July 2007, the course of video storytelling Asinitas Association, is co-author, along with other immigrants, his first documentary, The desert and the sea, born from the idea to collect and store memories the migrant, in collaboration with Asinitas, and ZaLab Aamod. It deals with linguistic and cultural mediation Asinitas non-profit organization for the association, within the same school of Italian for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. During the years 2007 and 2008 he made several short films: The doodle, The shapes, Caravan and together with Marco realizes Carsetti Welcome to your home, on the activities of the school Asinitas. He is coauthor, with Andrew secret Like a man on earth, a documentary on the migration from Libya to Europe, produced by Asinitas non-profit organization, in collaboration with ZaLab.

Antonio Sofi

Television writer and journalist. Political consultant and sociologist of communication. Blogger since 2003, expert in social networks and new media. University lecturer and trainer.

Nicola Bigi

"My passion is to create stories in order to create engagement with people. During my phd Studied the organizational identity through storytelling. I spent 9 months in a small company doing an ethnographic research. In 2006 and 2007 i went to Los Angeles to Develop my researches, but someone Suggested That It Could be a good idea to apply storytelling to online communications. I started mixing in the scientific approach to the Web, Developing my skills on SEO, SEM and web analytics, with my qualitative skills in order to create Powerful stories. When I Came Back to LA to work Began Mainly in the social media projects, strategic planning Developing metrics and web analytics. In 2009 with a couple of friends we founded TIWI, where i can create stories and I'm happy ..."

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