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Theme: Legacy

This event occurred on
May 5, 2012
8:30am - 7:30pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Porto Alegre

we wiil do it in a carbon free farm very near to porto Alegre

Quinta da Estância Grande
Porto Alegre
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Carlos Braghini Junior

Carlos Braghini Junior is a general practitioner who chose the way of food and healthy habits of life to treat his patients. He works in Novo Hamburgo with pain control, the eating habits reeducation and the metabolic equilibrium. He is the author of the book called Cell Ecology – The Role of Food and the Environment in Aging and Longevity, in which he gives tips about taking better care of health, food and family by eating well, sleeping well and exercising in a balanced way.

Denise Wolf

Denise Wolf is a biologist with a specialization in Environmental Management and is the president of the Institute of Cultural and Environmental Studies (IECAM). She currently coordinates projects that were developed with the Guarani natives in the villages of Rio Grande Sul. One of these projects is called Air, Water and Earth: Guarani Life and Culture (Ar, Água e Terra: Vida e Cultura Guarani), that promotes actions that recover and preserve the environment in eight native villages in Rio Grande do Sul. This project encourages the exchange of seeds and seedlings among the villages, the native plant species planting and the ethnic tourism. Denise is a member of the National Council of Culture Policies (CNPC) - Native Indian Culture Committee.

Lito Rodriguez

Lito Rodriguez is an advertising person and a founding partner of DryWash - world pioneer and patent owner of car dry washing system. For him, sustainability must structure the mission of a company, since business management relies on the development of individuals, environmental preservation and good financial results. Indicated Endeavor Entrepreneur of the class of 2002, he currently chairs the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement in São Paulo and he is also a member of the council of New Ventures Brazil. It is worth reading the manifest on the company’s page.

Luciano Coelho

Luciano Coelho is graduated on Hospitality and with a post graduation in Marketing. Searching for a new professional challenge, he decided to quit a multinational’s Sales area to join the GNO Um teto para meu País, which works to improve the quality of life of people who live in extreme poverty conditions through building emergency houses and creating social development plans. He manages to use his knowledge on strategic planning and people management to increase the capability of an organization of the third sector.

Ricardo Diniz

Originally from a fishing village in Portugal, Ricardo has travelled the world fast and furious as an offshore sailor and young entrepreneur. At the grand age of 22 he was living it large as a captain in the Caribbean making his first decent money, which he promptly invested in his sailing projects. By the age of 24 Ricardo had approached over 4000 companies around the world. His day to day was about hitting up big companies for big bucks to fund big dreams. Most of them said NO! This tough, often soul destroying trek, proved to be essential in defining his passion for excellence and team work. A master of all trades, he can often be found on the oceans as a super yacht Captain, a Chief Engineer, or a solo sailor with clever ideas for unique projects. He is also a weather router and expedition manager for climbers, ocean rowers and sailors. As an accidental Life Coach he has hundreds of people around the world seeking his advice on a regular basis on topics from start-ups and business to relationships. For years Ricardo has passionately promoted Portugal globally through creative sailing and educational projects, now making him one of the most sought after speakers in schools, universities and companies. He was one of three speakers at the Star Tracker event in Lisbon, promoting global Portuguese talent. In recognition of his work and commitment to the oceans, Brussels nominated him European Ambassador for the Oceans. Shortly after he was a finalist in Portugal’s Most Motivating Person Award. CNN, BBC, National Geographic and pretty much every single major media entity in Portugal have generously covered Ricardo’s projects since 1996. Co-Founder and President of the Portugal Ocean Race, Ricardo is on a mission to create “… the world’s leading around the world yacht race as the ultimate way to communicate Portugal’s incredible maritime and business potential to the world”. But he will tell you that it’s just “All about people”, describing his work as simply “Cultivating Human Potential”.

Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is a physicist, an astronomer and a professor at Dartmount College, in Hannover (EUA) He is a columnist at Folha de São Paulo newspaper, where he promotes science by bringing simple explanation to many readers. He usually explains the phenomena with episodes of the science and origin of life by telling the story of scientists and science. At University, he teaches a subject called Physics for Poets, which is one of the most popular subjects at Dartmouth College, enrolled by students whose undergraduate courses have nothing to do with Newton's laws or thermodynamics. In 1994, he received from Bill Clinton, the prize Faculty Fellows Award given to only 15 scientists across the country. He wrote several books and won the Jabuti Prize in 1998 with the book A Dança do Universo (Dance of the Universe), and also got this award in 2002 for the book O fim da Terra e do Céu (The End of the Earth and Heaven). In August 2006, he published his first novel, A Harmonia do Mundo (The Harmony of the World). In 2006, he wrote and presented the series "Star Dust" at the Brazilian TV show called Fantástico and in 2008 presented the series Invisible World.

David Hertz

Graduated in Gastronomy in Senac Águas de São Pedro, with MBA in Management and Social Entrepreneurship in FIA-USP, the chef, professor and social entrepreneur David Hertz traveled the world searching for flavors, cooking techniques and a recipe for his life. When he was 18 years old, the young guy decided to live in a kibutz in Israel. However, he would not imagine that this adventure would only end after seven years and a dozen of visited countries. He has completed his first cooking course in Thailand. He is familiar with the ritualistic side of meals in India and has fallen in love with the spirituality and with indian flavoring, and has acquired a taste for asian cooking. David returned to Brazil willing to combine his two passions – people and food. In 2007, this recipe produced Gastromotiva, the first gastronomic social business in Brazil, which promotes social inclusion and transforms the lives of young people with low income. Due to this initiative, in 2008 David Hertz received RSA Prize (Responsabilidade Social na Alimentação) from Prazeres da Mesa magazine, and, in 2009, received the prize “Empreendedor Social de Futuro” (Social entrepreneur of the Future) from Folha de São Paulo newspaper and Schwab Foundation.

Enrique Avogadro

Enrique Avogadro devotes himself to promote design and creative industries in the city of Buenos Aires. During his spare time he likes to think about creative cities as a way of improving people's lives. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Industries and Foreign Trade Comércio in the Government of Buenos Aires. Enrique Avogadro is also the director of Metropolitan Design Centre. Graduated in International Studies, master in Administration and Public Policies (thesis being drawn), he taking his master's degree in Content Management. He was member of the jury of IDEA Brazil 2010 Prize and also of the jury of Observeur French Design Award 2011. He was a member of the Advisory Council of the event "Seul, World Design Capital 2010". He keeps the blog and his twitter is @eavogadro.

Iradj Eghari

Iradj Eghrari is a Human Rights activist and member of the Deliberative Council of NGO Transparência Brasil. He is also a permanent member of the National Committee of Education and Human Rights, part of the Special Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic. Graduated in Electronic Engineering and Business Administration, Iradj is the founding partner of Instituto Escrever o Futuro, which aims to help institutions, communities and groups in formulating its vision of the future and creating strategies to achieve it. He is Executive Manager and founder of Ágere Cooperação em Advocacy, organization which provides consulting to Vale S.A. developing its Human Rights policy and running a training program in the field, acting in its plans in Brazil and abroad. He has already teached in UnB, in the Centro Universitário Euro-Americano (DF) and in Federal University of Uberlândia (MG). Thank you TEDxGoiânia!

Andres Fernades

Six time National surf champion, Andres is currently a professional freerider for Billabong Int. With extensive experience in creative publishing, Andres has been acknowledged in several international festivals (Cannes, Fiap, Ojo de Iberoamérica y Cóndor de Oro). After his successful careers, Andres is currently seeking to improve the life of children in underprivileged coastal communities through the love for surf, with his project "Granito de Arena". Thank you, TEDxCuria!

Claudio Roberto Pagno da Costa

Born in Porto Alegre, Cláudio Roberto Pagno da Costa (49) is son of a bricklayer and a seamstress. He was raised in Bom Jesus village until the age of 13, then moved to Safira village (where he still lives) and met Vó Chica. Whereas his friends left the village because they believed that place was not good, Cláudio decided he would stay to turn the place where he lived in a better environment for everyone. He has always been involved with the Residents Association, and strived for direct elections and for amnesty. He has lived in Belo Horizonte (MG), Gama (DF) and São Luís (MA), where he got married for the first time. He does not have kids because he had to help taking care of many nephews and nieces. He is seriously engaged with the community. His work is performed with his friends’ help, most of which don’t live in the village – this majority of people is formed by clients for whom he provides his painting services. The Cultural Center works in his backyard, where the kids who live there learn English and informatics. Cláudio believes that the good will always defeat the evil, and he also believes in people. He values his accomplishments, such as having blacktop on the street he lives in, which was achieved this year. He currently also strives for sanitation for families, and keeps the flame of cooperation and sharing burning as a way to triumph. Helped by two kids, he managed to build a giant Vó Chica doll to provide visibility to the project.

Marcelo Cardoso

Marcelo L. Cardoso is the Vice-President of Organizational Development and Sustainability of Natura. He is, therefore, responsible for the implementation of Natura Management System, which includes Strategy, Management and Personal areas. Before working at Natura, in May 2008, he was the Executive Director of DBM do Brasil and Regional President for Latin America. He has also worked at GP Investimentos, directed Hopi Hari and was the Financial Director at Playcenter S.A. and Método Engenharia (among other companies). Marcelo is graduated in Business Administration with extension at Kellogg-Northwestern, from Chicago. He participated in executive programs at the American University, Washington DC (1993) and at Insead (2001). Furthermore, he is é Coach and Facilitator, President and Founder of Instituto Integral Brasil and member of the Directive Council of Instituto Ethos.

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