x = independently organized TED event

Theme: The Age of Amazement

This event occurred on
April 28, 2018
Sanaa, Şan‘ā'

After almost 4 years of absence, TEDxSanaa is back with TEDxSanaaLive!! broadcasting of some sessions of TED2018 plus some amazing 9 speakers from the community on various topics and some incredible 6 performances in art, music and magic!
Prepare to be amazed watch a full live session of TED 2018 and some powerful ideas from the community ranging from the art to business to sports to technology and music and race. The incredible team of volunteers of TEDxSanaaLive 2018 left no stone unturned to deliver a jaw-dropping event for our strong comeback and we believe this is just the beginning to spark some inspiring and meaningful conversations in the community and beyond. Enjoy the show!

Unviersity of Science and Technology Medicine Hall
Cairo Street
Ground floor
Sanaa, Şan‘ā', 16091
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Abdulaziz Mohammed Alalimi

Sand drawing and pianist
Sand drawing and pianist

Abdulrahman Sami Al-Shabi

Balancing shows, High School Student
At 19 years old, Abdulrahman is a young showman who specializes in daring balancing acts on stage and in public.

Essam Al-Sharabi

Business Pioneer, Telecom Engineer
He is a Telecommunications Engineer and Entrepreneur. He received the Best Innovation Award for Young Entrepreneurs from the Enjaz Yemen in 2016 with his team. He is a Founder and General Manager of Just Green for Trading and Agricultural Services Ltd. Moreover, He is an Executive Director of Team Work for Development. Also he is an Activist in Environment Protection. Nominee for Award of the Earth Heroes for the United Nations of Environment Program (Nairobi) for 2018 for the West Asia Region.

Fareed Hajeb

Musicians, playing and singing
Musicians, playing and singing

Foad Ahmed Al-Ghorbani


Fuad Solomon Berhane Keflie

Sand drawing and pianist
Sand drawing and pianist

Heba Ahmed

A post graduate student in business administration
Heba is 24 years old, who suffered since her childhood of dyslexia. Currently is a masters degree student. Her dream is to be a minister in the government some day.

Jamal Alsabri

Champion of West Asia and the Arab world
e is 22 years old, studying Sharia and Law in Sanaa University, has Hbecame the champion of Yemen 8 times, champion of West Asian with 4 Gold medals and champion of Arab world 3 times. In addition he likes doing exercise, reading, and volunteering.

Moamar Hussain Ali Othman

Moamar, at 35 years old, is one of the rare talents in music and had many experiences with music in Yemen and the wider Arab region. Earlier is his career he won the 3rd place in playing Oud in 1998 organized in Dubai, UAE, Arts and culture. He participated in several Arab Youth festivals in Egypt, Sudan, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Lebanon. He is currently preparing Masters of Music and folklore of Yemeni music documentation at the Primary music conservatory in Egypt. He has a bachelor degree of music arts (academy of art) from the Primary music conservatory in Egypt. Moamar has extensive knowledge and love of interpreting music and text by using voice production, harmony and melody. He is an exciting entertainer and dynamic performer. Finally Moamar also participated in teaching music and developing the national curriculum for music in Yemen.

Organizing team


Sanaa, Yemen


  • Ghaida Ameen
  • Manal Al-Ashwal
  • Mohammed Alnobi
    Post production
  • Waleed El-Haj
    Post production