x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Passion as Inspiration

This event occurred on
May 6, 2011
9:00am - 5:30pm WITA
(UTC +8hrs)

The first TEDxUbud event was born to highlight exceptional minds, connect people across disciplines, create conversations, and empower our audience to follow their passions. It was a platform to share experiences and bring attendees closer to people they would normally not be exposed to.

Attending TEDxUbud was like going to a full-day 'brain spa' in Bali. An event that empowered, inspired, and changed the way the audience views the world.

Gaya Fusion
Jalan Raya Sayan
Ubud, 80571
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Robin Lim

As the co-founder and executive director of a foundation called Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth), Robin Lim has inspired many worldwide. Robin’s dedication should urge others to act as selflessly as she, and aid those in need. Following her sister’s death in 1991, she became a midwife, and with her team, she has helped thousands of low-income Indonesian women through their pregnancies. Bumi Sehat’s service to humanity stands on three principals: Respect for Nature, Respect for Culture and a solid foot in the Science of Medicine, which is only used when necessary and with with wisdom. Best known as “Ibu (mother) Robin”, she has led medical teams responding to the tsunami in Aceh, and earthquakes in Yogyakarta, Padang and Haiti. In 2005, Robin was awarded the Women of Peace Award. In 2006, she received the prestigious Alexander Langer International Peace Award in Italy, which is given to one person or institution each year who demonstrates to the rest of the world the ability to construct bridges between opposing realities, to deal with conflicts in a spirit of non-violence, and to look lovingly at the non-human sentient world. In 2008, she was awarded the Woman of the Month Award by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality & the Empowerment of Women (UNIFEM). In 2011 Ibu Robin became a Metro TV Hero and was recognized as a CNN Hero.

Rick Pursell

Rick was born in the UK, migrated to Australia with his family as a teenager and spent 33 years Down Under. He moved to South East Asia in 1990, living and working in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia with stints in Brunei, Malaysia, the Middle East, and West Africa, before he settled in the mountains of Bali with his wife Lita and twin girls. For 23 years before moving to and settling in Bali, he worked with multi-national companies in multi-cultural environments, as a Health, Safety and Environmental specialist, occupying senior levels, and he is currently a VP for a Singapore company in the capacity of Advisor to the Board of Directors. Rick runs Self Awareness and Life Coaching retreats at his Namaste Retreat Centre in Bali and teaches Corporate Spirituality overseas. His Cause No Harm cultural change process, is the subject of his book of the same name and has won his clients many highly acclaimed awards. He is passionate about bringing constructive and conscious changes to humanity, so that we may live in peace, harmony and unity, creating a future, without causing harm.

Lian Gogali

Originally from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Lian Gogali was a witness to the terrible inter-religious violence that wracked the districts of Poso and Morowali for nearly 10 years, while she worked with women who had been victimized and displaced by the conflict. She completed her education in Yogyakarta, but chose to return to Poso to become an advocate for the issues that women face in Poso during and after the conflict. Although she is disabled from a serious motorbike accident, Lian has been a brave pioneer of women’s rights, conflict resolution, and inter-religious tolerance building. She is now the director of the MOSINTUWU Institute, an organization she created to make a grassroots movement of women to bring justice, gender rights, and religious reconciliation to Poso, with a focus on a school for women who have been affected by the conflict. She has a vision for the future of Poso and Indonesia, in which women can prevent conflict, become fully active in politics, and have an equal bargaining position in the household. She is the author of the book The Poso Conflict: The Voice of Women and Children in Reconciling Their Memory. Her life and work are the topic of the upcoming documentary The Peace Agency.

Elizabeth Schofield

With a background in behavioral psychology, luxury marketing and digital media, Elizabeth founded Fashion’s Collective, a publication actively shaping the way luxury brands understand and connect with consumers in the digital age. Originally a side project and creative outlet, Fashion’s Collective grew to amass a readership over 100,000 in the first six months. As an independent publication, Fashion’s Collective maintains a high and sophisticated level of leadership, which has garnered Elizabeth various international speaking engagements and endorsements for her publication. Having worked with renowned brands such as MaxMara, Christian Dior, and Movado, Elizabeth now consults with both emerging designers and global brands, and she leads a team of contributors in writing perspective-driven content to propel the industry forward. A constant aspiration toward balance in life leads Elizabeth to live in and love places like New York, Bali, and Italy.

John Berkavitch

Prior to relocating to Southeast Asia two years ago, John “Berko” Berkavitch had worked in the UK as an artist in education for almost a decade. As a former UK Poetry Champion, his unique approach to learning and focus on transferable skills served as an inspiration to thousands of hard-to-reach and disenfranchised young people in Britain. As a performance artist, he has worked alongside Jonzi D Productions and Saddler’s Wells Theatre to explore the newly emerging genre of Hiphop-Theatre. As a poet and spoken word artist, he has achieved international notoriety as a story teller and slam champion. Berkavitch is currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he works as part of the Multimedia and Design department for Cambodia’s leading International University. In Ubud, Berkavitch will be talking about public speaking and the power of embarrassment.

Gede Mangun

When the remote villages around his hometown of Songan Village in Kintamani, Bangli were in need of assistance, Gede Mangun stepped up to the plate and established Cempaka Putih Foundation (CPF) in 2007. CPF runs projects to collect clothing for impoverished families, cooperates with first-aid organizations, and it helps in the transportation of people in need of medical treatment. It also collects building supplies, while simultaneously organizing volunteers to build housing. Gede followed his aspirations, and in doing so is bringing education and opportunities to the people of this arid central mountainous region in Bali. With the help of friends and neighbors, CPF is always outreaching for more volunteers, donations, and any other support, so they can continue to fight against poverty and disease.

Kamau Bakari Abayomi

Kamau Bakari Abayomi a.k.a. “PitchBlackGold” is a performance artist and activist originally from San Francisco, California. Kamau has performed at countless events worldwide and is a multidisciplinary artist in every way. He uses the forms of poetry, rap, dance, MCing, DJing and acting as vehicles to entertain, enlighten, inspire and shift paradigms. Kamau not only excels in his performances but also in providing opportunities for others. After moving to Bali in late 2004, he founded Tru Karya Cipta (True Creative Activity), an organization dedicated to personal and community empowerment through creative arts and entrepreneurial education of youth, built on a foundation of urban culture. Kamau says, “Tru Karya Cipta and its mission is everything I believe regarding the power of art and the effects it can have on society at large.” Furthermore, Kamau is the manager and co-choreographer of one of the top breakdancing crews in Indonesia, the Aerial Crew, who in 2008 won the “Lets Dance” national b-boy battle.

Rodolfo Young

Recognized internationally as a teacher, speaker, and healer, Rodolfo has shared the same stage as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and other great consciousness leaders. Rodolfo was born in Mexico City, and grew up in San Diego, California where after attending his first 10-day silent course of Vipassana meditation, was inspired to begin teaching. Rodolfo founded The Center for Connection, a non-profit organization dedicated to the values of presence, trust, and altruism. He has taught the “Power of Now,” wrote A Droplet’s View, and toured and facilitated meditation events with Max Simon of the Chopra Center as well as qigong events with the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation.

Dagmara Gawlik

Very early in life, Dagmara was diagnosed with a travel addiction, and since then she has lived and worked in over 30 countries and 4 continents. Though most of her educational background surrounded tsunami research and medical and scientific studies on coral reefs, Dagmara chose a different path and has pursued projects to aid children and communities in underdeveloped countries. From years of travel, she developed a true passion for working with children and languages, prompting her to start the Starfish Language Center in Ubud. The foundation is focused on providing children from underprivileged families access to language programs, thereby significantly increasing their job prospects. Dagmara currently lives in Bali where she oversees the Starfish Language Center.

Tah Riq Amawi

In less than a year, having already carved out a successful niche of his own in Bali, Tahriq is one who is clearly on the right path. He is a classically trained guitarist (awarded a scholarship by the Royal College of Music in London at the age of 16), and an accomplished poet (a gifted writer from a young age winning 1st place at a national poetry competition at 14). In innocently pursuing his passions, Tahriq had unwittingly set into motion the development of distinct skill sets that would one day culminate into his current emergent style. Combining everything from traditional flamenco guitar and original songs to tongue twister like– rapidly delivered lyrical streams, beat boxing, live electronic sampling, and live looping using a range of cutting edge equipment, he has now brought his show teetering over the bleeding edge of live performance. Even still he continues to introduce new elements, always seeking to enhance the show.

Organizing team


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Leigh Wasson
  • Valerie Ng
    On-Stage Host
  • Davvi Chrzastek
    Presentation Designer
  • Farida Mazlan
    Sponsorships Lead
  • Nick Otto
  • Devin Bramhall
  • Christian Schmidt
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