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Theme: ideas starTED in Lodz

This event occurred on
September 9, 2011
9:00am - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

What does coaching, life planning and architecture, good coffee, inspiring children though robotics, an oscar winning film and an innovative and break-through way of saving lives have in common? Why, they are just few of the topics that speakers at TEDxLodz will be discussing this September. Come visit our website or FB page and 'Like' us to find out more!

Centrum Konferencyjne Politechniki Łódzkiej
Łódż, Al. Politechniki 3A
Łódź, 93-590
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Michał Pasterski

Professional coach, trainer, blogger. Passionate about personal development. A personal mission and goal to show others how to live a fuller and happier life by pursuing your own projects, which will open the doors to countless possibilities and realities not yet seen.

Adam Ptak

Graduate of the Krakow University of Economics and the National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz. Currently the vice president of SE-MA-FOR, board member of the Film Foundation and director of the Musuem Bajki. Production manager and producer of dozens of animated films which have won awards at festivals all over the world.

Wojciech Syrocki

Fostering the next generation of scientists and engineers, Wojciech is the founder and coordinator of the educational project RoboCAMP which spreads enthusiasm among children and youth interested in mathematics, robotics, computer programming and natural sciences.

Aleksandra Królak

Assistant professor in the Department of Electronics at the Medical University of Lodz, specializing in the field of image processing. Developer of the B-Link platform which allows users to control a computer with the movement of their eye, opening doors and possibilities for those people who cannot otherwise use a computer.

Daniel Welfel

Specialist and practitioner with years of experience in the design, implementation and installation of intelligent systems for commerical and residential space in Poland and Europe.

Marek Robacha

More than 20 years working in the HoReCa industry and a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. He has participated in many international conferences and training courses, is a certified coffee tester and a judge at the World Cup Barista competitions. 18 years working for Primulator, he is currently the director of sales, where his specialty is business related to coffee. In 2000, he founded the Espresso Academy, which deals with training, presenting and spreading knowledge about coffee. Involved on a daily basis with creating and consulting coffee business projects. Loves espresso and can call his the wine flavoured varietal "Geisha" as one of his favorites.

Richard Watson

Writer with a deep interest in the future, largely because this is where he intends to spend the rest of his life. As well as studying trends and developing scenarios he is interested in how spaces and places change how we think and, in particular, how digital objects and environments are starting to change attitudes and behaviours."

Tomek Rygalik

Graduate of architecture from the University of Technology in Lodz, studied industrial design at the Pratt Institute in New York and London's Royal Academy of Art, winner of the Pratt Circle Award for outstanding achievement in the field of industrial design. Tomek has collaborated with Moroso, Arteks, Heal's, Ideal Standard, Iker and Vox to name a few. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His work is appreciated throughout the world and has been repeatedly rewarded and, most recently, has been selected to be the furniture designers for the Polish Presidency of the European Union.

Kinga Brzezińska

Associated with the interactive media industry for over 10 years. Founder of the first online community in Poland, "Miasto Plusa" and key player in the introduction of the mobile carrier, "Play". More experience working with the interactive marketing agency Wunderman Poland and developing interactive marketing strategies and campaigns for Nokia. All of this before founding AllLive.pl, a site which is described as democratizing the arts.

Marcin Franc

Project manager in a corporation which produces automotive navigation systems, as well as post-graduate student at the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science of the Technical University of Łódź. Extreme sports lover.

Mikołaj Komar

Creator and editor-in-chief of „K MAG“ - style and culture magazine. Former executive editor of fashion magazine „A4” and „Fluid“ magazine, deputy editor-in-chief of „Dosdedos“. Photographer. Took part in photo exhibitions such as „Efekt Czerwonych Oczu – CSW Zamek Ujazdowski 2008“, „Inspiracje- Szczecin 2009“ and „Polska Wenus – Miesiąc Fotografii – Kraków 2008“. Well-known for organizing many social events combined with promotion of rising talents from photography, graphics or fashion world. Author of the “Okiem Komara” (“Komar’s Eye”) photo series documenting night and social life.

Łukasz Kuncewicz

During the last 15 years Łukasz Kuncewicz has successfully launched an online bookstore, a price comparison website, a publishing house and a jobs portal. The author of over a dozen books on mathematics, neurolinguistic programming and life style, he is driven by curiosity and the big question - "But why does it actually work?"

Cezary CeZik Nowak

Gained fame through the internet and the Szymon Majewski Show, where as the "chlopak na opak," he sang songs in reverse. Every new projected posted on the internet instantly has hundreds of thousands of viewers. Szajka Cezika, Forfiter Blues and the Kuchnia cover are just a few of the most popular of CeZik's productions, which have gained him cult status among his followers. CeZik is also known for his creating his own compositions, which have also become very popular.

Zbigniew Pisarski

Political analyst, commentator on international affairs and social entrepreneur. Advisor to the President for National Security Strategic Review. Founder and president of Kazimierz Pulawski Foundation and expert on NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe for the Council of Europe. Regular commentator on "To był dzień na świecie" on Polsat News and Founder of the Forum of Young Diplomats and the European Academy of Diplomacy.

Grzegorz Sikora

New media graphic designer, information architect and pikto-blogger. He is a part of an innovative platform for data deposit called BankNaWypadek where he is responsible for creating corporate identity and products. Fascinated by UCD, philosophy and modern technologies and is the creator of the satirical blog, PiktoGrafiki.com.

Mikołaj Stefański

Head of Marketing at iTraff Technology, a company working on image recognition technology. Co-founder of the SaveUp mobile application and marketing strategy, which allows users to take pictures of barcodes and products in stores and instantly find the best deals online and make purchases.

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