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Theme: Momentum

This event occurred on
April 30, 2017
2:00pm - 8:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Blumenau, Santa Catarina

We believe that it is time to gain velocity, impetus and scape from inertia. It is time we make our community explode with every incredible thing that has been happening in our surroundings. We realized that sometimes people need a little push in order to create and make great things. Sometimes they just need a model that has already worked somewhere else, or maybe all they need is someone telling that they can do it.
In the science field, Momentum is the name given to the strength capable of putting inertial bodies in movement and accelerating the bodies that are already moving. So Momentum is all about being more, doing more, becoming better. We have searched for ideas that can empower our city and encourage our people to do so.

Complexo do Sesi
R. Itajaí, 3434 - Vorstadt, Blumenau - SC, 89015-201
Blumenau, Santa Catarina, 89015-201
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Cristina Tardáguila

Fact checking journalist
Cristina was born in Belo Horizonte and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She graduated and did her Masters on Journalism, and nowadays is concluding a MBA in Digital Marketing. Since november 2015 she has been the head of LUPA Agency, the first fact-checking agency in Brazil. In her curriculum as a reporter and editor, Cristina has accumulated journeys in O Globo and Folha de São Paulo newspapers, and also in the Piauí magazine. Cristina is also author of "A arte do descaso" (Ed. Intrínseca), a book in which she tells the story of the most famous case of art robbery in Brazil's history.

Felipe Colvara

Photographer and Graphic Designer
Author of the project "KOMBInacomFOTO" and incidental activist, Felipe advocates for a more spontaneous life and invites us to lose ourselves in purpose. Utilizing his Kombi as a classroom, he organizes itinerant workshops about photography, conection with nature and the world and, above all, the look we have on the ways an angles that our lenses register.

Gabriela Müller

Gabriela is a Doula and an activist in social movements in defense of women's rights.

Hamilton Henrique

Social Entrepreneur
Founder of Saladorama, a social business with the mission to democratize healthy feeding in Brazil's comunities. Mentor of several iniciatives like Choice, Iniciativa Jovem da Shell and Rede Cidadã. Business Manager by graduation, advertising man by vocation, disruptive education enthusiast and Red Bull Amaphiko Entrepreneur.

Karina Barretto

Offline mediator
Karina saw in her biggest existential crisis and opportunity to throw herself into the unknown and travel alone, with the mission of getting to know interesting people.

Kiko Kislansky

Conscious Entrepreneur
Born in Salvador and graduated in the US, Kiko has a purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs using the triad: Conscience, purpose and humanization.

Luiz Fernando Roriz

Political Scientist
Luiz suffers from a mixed anxious-depressive disorder, "under a veil of the disease" and decided it's time to talk about it.

Marcelo Fett

Municipal Secretary of Innovation
Marcelo Fett narrates his experience leading the Municipal Secretary of Economic Development of Palhoça, his challenges and the results already achieved by implementing a new model of economic growth in a city which has found its fundamental pillars in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Maria Lujan Tubio

Education Entrepreneur
Creator of Casa do Presente, a school co-created by students. Educational Manager with 15 years of experience as a teacher in France, England, United States, Colombia and Brazil. Social Entrepreneur, founder of start-ups in the educational sector. Ph.D in Compared Literature by Pennsylvania State University and Post-Doctoral fellow in Communications by USP. Author of several papers and books on education, literature, internacionalization and digital inclusion.

Mauricio Louzada

Human Development Specialist
Maurício Louzada is a keynote speaker who acts in business training with focus on human behaviour. He's one of the pioneers in Storytelling techniques to create immersion experiences in trainings. For over 25 years he practices caving. He's also the author of the Books "Pra Valer" and "Veritas".

Quiteria Peres

Judge of Law
Driven by the search of pacifying human conflict, Quitéria pursue a Law Carreer, first as a Lawyer, then teacher and now and Judge. Imbued with the power of judging, she realized that no one has a bigger power of solving a certain problem than those who are involved in it. From that point on, the individuals and not the sentences became her focus.

Rogério Malveira

Doctor and Health Entrepreneur
During College, Rogério noticed an uneven level between medical language and the pacient's understanding, leading to complications and expenses in the health system. Nowadays, a doctor, he works simplifying health to empower the patient and ease the routine of the professionals. To do that, he developed a new medical prescription model that can be 5x more understandable and faster to be done.

Rosane Martins

Lawyer and aging specialist
Masters in Education, Post-Grad in Gerencia en Salud para Personas Mayores and Gerontology, Rosane divorced when women didn't have the courage, got a tattoo when almost no one had one, got married twice and had 3 children. Nowadays she teaches everything she lived and learned, before Alzheimer eventually destroys everything.

Thiago Rondon

Software developer, Entrepreneur and Open Data, Direct Democracy Activist
How can technology impact democracy? How to ensure that all causes are heard and that each vote is important? A network of responsive, reflexive and accessible innovations is emerging for profound changes in the political arena, building a new democratic culture. Thiago Rondon is a developer of platforms for social transformation and describes, with many references, the new way for fair representation and the collaborative construction of an election.

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Cardoso Filho

Blumenau, SC, Brazil

Maria Luisa

Blumenau, Brazil
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