x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Voices that make a difference

This event occurred on
September 3, 2016
1:00pm - 8:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
São Sebastião, São Paulo

TEDxSãoSebastião aims to gather local residents to reflect and discuss ideas and actions that improve community life in order to expand the range of local development opportunities in the region. Speakers representing various fields of knowledge share their experiences and present views on issues that resonate with the region, following the traditional TEDx conference model.

Teatro Municipal de São Sebastião
Av. Dr Altino Arantes, 2
São Sebastião, São Paulo, 11600-000
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Anna Penteado


Bia Machado

Reseacher in education
Bia Machado is a researcher in education and education philosophy. Most of her research is about the “Enchanted Knowledge”, which is the knowledge produced by pre-desenchantment world societies, and above all, the confluence between the relgions (Judaism, Christianism and Islamism), present in many manifestations in medieval times. She is the founder of the Imagination University. Throughout her talk, she will bring a new perspective for education, pedagogical approaches and educational experiences.

Carlos Capitani

Carlos Capitani is an infectologist and was the coordinator for the AIDS diagnosis and treatment center in the Health Ministery in Brasilia between 2000 and 2001. He works as an international consultant for the portuguese speaking countries in Africa - Sao Tome and Principe - together with Unicef. Throught his talk, he will tell a story about AIDS unfamiliar for many.

Carlos Dias


Ciça Borges

Yoga Professor
Ciça Borges é caiçara e professora de Yoga e ativista social. Trabalha pela causa animal, ambiental e social.

Cristiane Brosso

Enterpreneur and Coach
Cristiane Brosso é empreendedora e apaixonada por surf.

Emiliano Cesar

Emiliano Cesar é um dos fundadores do centro cultural Pés no Chão em Ilhabela.

Guilherme Rizzo


José Ferreira

Agroforestry cultivator
José Ferreira é agricultor com experiência em sistemas Agroflorestais.

Juan Carri

Juan Carri is a designer and semi-economist, but more than anything interested in making stuff happen. He loves music, sailing and innovative people and will speak about the human component in businesses.

Lucas Coelho

Lucas Coelho is a geek, an entrepreneur, designer, musician and facilitator. He addresses the transformative potential of education when aligned with technology and design. Lucas has worked as a fundraiser, community manager, UX designer, innovation consultant and more in such organizations as AIESEC, 99Jobs, Sattva Media, Agência Com Criação and UnCollege. He is deeply interested in self-education, astrophysics, psychology, technology and infinite more topics and truly believes that the world would be a better place if people went after their dreams.

Mila Guedes

CEO Mila Guedes Consultoria, specialized in human inclusion in work place
Mila é criadora do Milalá, uma plataforma online que analisa a acessibilidade de espaços para receber pessoas. Mila Guedes is the co-director of her company Mila Guedes Consulting, specialized in human diversity and inclusions in work environments. She addresses the same theme in her TEDx talk. Mila is the creator of Milalá, an online platform that covers a range of analyzing accessible places that are equipped to receive people with varying physical deficiencies. It’s a platform designed to inform, stimulate and encourage everyone to move around, travel and fully participate in everyday life.

Patricia Palumbo

Patricia Palumbo is a journalist specialized in radio, music and environment. She hosts several radio and tv shows such as Vozes do Brasil and Hora do Rush. Hora do Rush was a pioneer show on city traffic conditions by helicopter and bike in Sao Paulo. Também lançou os livros Vozes do Brasil vol. 1 and 2 with interviews with Cassia Eller, Luiz Melodia and Itamar Assumpção. In this talk, Patricia will speak about the role of communication as a transformation tool and how a life close to nature can be motivational.

Priscila Siqueira

Journalist and author of several books, Priscila Siqueira discusses human traficking, an extremely important and little talked about theme, which is also the focus of her work and studies. Journalist specialized in climate change and gender equality. Author of the books Genocidio dos Caiçaras, Tráfico de Mulheres-Oferta, demanda e impunidade; o Sonho de Julieta; A outra face de eva; Relações entre violência, Mulher e Religião. Coordenator of other books written under the theme of human traficking.

Sandra Chemin

Sandra Chemin discusses Global Citizens, new ways of connecting, collboration and existing in a world without borders. Sandra showed her status as an internet pioneer in Brazil when she founded Hipermidia, one of the first digital agencies in the country during a time when the internet only operated within universities. She then gave up everything to live on a sailboat with her husband and daughters. For the past decade, Sandra has been experimenting with new forms of felixible and collaborative work. Today, she lives in New Zealand and makes up part of the Enspiral team, a network of more than 300 entrepreneurs spread across the world.

Thiago Gringon

Design Thinker
A Design thinker by profession, Thiago Gringon is a magician of the imaginary. He discusses creativity and human development. Thiago wants to show the extent of creativity’s inluence on human development. How does our education and the environment in which we live have the power to ignite or inhibit our creative potential? How do stories/games strengthen our creative consciousness in order to create what we imagine? Gringon incites people to express their creative potential and to build an environment that stimulates creativity.

Wagner Bornal

Wagner Bornal graduated in History and has PhD in Archeology. He works with cultural heritage and archeology since 1989 and is the diretor of Origem Arqueologia Cultural and Natural Heritage LTDA. Throughout his talk, he will speak about general aspects of archeology and the paradigma shift related to popular stories

Wilson Cabral

Wilson Cabral is an oceanologist, master in remote sensoring and doctor in Economy. He is currently a professor at ITA. He conducted several researches with the energy and environment institute at University of Sao Paulo and with the Sustainability Research Centre at the University of Sunshine Coast/Australia. In his talk, he will speak about the future of sustainability and the economy.

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