x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Mediterraneo: people partnership, culture exchange

This event occurred on
December 16, 2016
3:00pm - 5:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Cagliari, Sardegna

This event investigates in some tipical knowledge of our region, addressing the examination to the dialog on what we can exchange with people on the other side of Mediterranean sea: for instace our peculiarity on pastoralism or our science in marine biology. On the other hand, listening what they (people from the other side fo Mediterranean sea) have to say to us and to exchange with us

SCS di Ottavio Nieddu
Via Newton 24
Cagliari, Sardegna, 09131
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Angelo Cau

Full Professor in Ecology at the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy, University of Cagliari.
Full Professor in Ecology at the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy, University of Cagliari. Head of the Department of Life Sciences and Environment Member of the Academic Senate of the University of Cagliari Since 2007 Director and Chief Executive of Com.Bio.Ma. – Competence Center for the study of Marine Biodiversity for the study and farming of fish and invertebrates of Sardinia”, founded by the Ministry of Environment. Main research interests in:Systematic Zoology and Zoogeography; Reproductive Biology of Aquatic Animals; Population Dynamics of Aquatic Animals;Zoophysiology of Aquatic Animals

Daniele Caddeo

Lega Coop Director
Daniele Caddeo is the Lega Coop Director in Sardegna and he sits also in the bord of the National LegaCoop, which is the organizzation which joins thousands of cooperatives in Italy. He is particularly skilled in agriculture and pastoral business and he is one the young person who is developing the sheep milk industry in Sardegna, which is one of the biggest producer not only in Italy or Europe but in the world,too.

Sami Al Tahiri

Vice secretary Tunisian Labor Union
Working into the Union Organization in Tunisia since the beginning of my worker life, I became vice secretary of the Labor Union after covering several other roles into the same Union. Actually I'm also press agent responsable for the whole Labor Union,which receved on the 2015 the Peace Nobel Prize.

Organizing team


Cagliari , Italy