x = independently organized TED event

Theme: 結: Yui ~Weaving Possibilities~

This event occurred on
January 15, 2017
1:00pm - 5:30pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Anjo, Aiti

In Japanese culture, "Yui" means the system of joint working in a small community. In Yui, we provide the effort and help each other. It also means the company in that community.
The character itself, 結, has a meaning of bundling threads, tie, bond, bind things together and firm in one. That connects to the silk industry and the spinning industry, which were actually active in Anjo in the past.
We met many possibilities nearby in our first event, TEDxAnjo 2015.
For the second event, TEDxAnjo 2017, we would like to facilitate the space where we can weave individual possibilities into a new thing, and create an idea to help each other to do it. We believe it'll be the foundation of flying to the bright future.

Let's look for unseen "Yui" together.
And let us share your own "Yui".

Shorin Community Center
Himori-10-1 Anjocho
Anjo, Aiti, 446-0026
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Music Karate ( Toshin, NPO International Music Karate Association )
Music Karate ( Toshin, NPO International Music Karate Association ) Music Karate is a new style of karate, in which performers do karate with music. Since the introduction of the first performance in 1990, Toshin has been spreading this new field of karate from the City of Anjo. Currently, they perform at karate tournaments, school events, nursing homes and town events, as volunteers contributing to their society. The students create these music karate shows. Toshin is also involved with international exchange with their new brand of art. They have students ranging from the age 4, all the way to adult. You’ll be quite impressed by their wonderful performance and your image for karate will too, be changed by what they do on stage. They are continuously making effort in order to spread the magnificent beauty of their art.

Chiaki Fujino

Ex-Jonan town chairman in Anjo, Aichi, Japan
Chiaki Fujino  Ex-Jonan town chairman in Anjo, Aichi, Japan Born in Shinshiro, Aichi , in 1941 and moved to Anjo in his late thirties. After retiring from a foreign affiliated oil company, he had served as a town leader of Jonan Chounaikai ( local community association ) for twelve years. Mr.Takahisa Kihara of the Civil Welfare Research Association taught him how to make “Community Supporting map”. Mr. Fujino took action with Mrs. Ryoko Yoshimura, a member of Council of Social Welfare in Anjo, He began to tackle various welfare issues in his community. Seeking for solution of problems for elder adults with dementia and their families, the elder living alone, children with developmental disorder and their families, and visually impaired families, he has worked enthusiastically with his neighbors to improve their community from their civilian viewpoint.

Ichitaro Suzuki

Modern artist
Ichitaro Suzuki  Modern artist Born in Gifu, Japan in 1988. Ph.D. with Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Graduate School. He creates very realistic 3D sculptures out of 2D drawings like digital images including dot drawing and pixel arts. He is very eager to seek new modern sculptural expressions. As the first exhibition using AR/VR at a public museum, his work was displayed at Gifu Prefectural Museum. His main achievements are the first prize of Tokyo Midtown Award 2013 and the gold medal at Mock Up Application Competition for cyber agent students. His solo exhibitions are “Inside head, I am touching” at PI Gallary, “dis⇔play”, and others.


Lot FALCON ( Takahiro Hasegawa )   Musician Takahiro Hasegawa came across with hip-hop music in his teen years and has been associated with it ever since. He rapped on the stage for the first time when he was 19. At the age of 20, he began to be involved with welfare work for the physically challenged. Believing the need to change the image of “Closed welfare” which was isolated from general communities to “Opened welfare”, he performs his rap music with passion. His activism was introduced in Chunichi Newspaper and local newspapers with the title “Welfare Rapper”. In 2015, his first album Normalization was released. He also established the so-called Welfare-Informing label Limited Life Action and manages musical events using the welfare network as a stepping-stone to promote his ideas. His singing brings everyone to come to realize the unprejudiced world for all, including physically and mentally challenged individuals through his music.

Tsubasa Nakamura

Automobile Engineer
Tsubasa Nakamura  Automobile Engineer Born in Tokyo. In an automobile company in Aichi, he designs chassis parts for oversea car models. In 2012, to provide dream to the next generations through mobility technology, he launched a volunteer organization, CARTIVATOR, and won the first prize in “Korearata (innovation)” Business Contest. In 2014, he won the outstanding performance award in TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAY and another prize in IVS Launch Pad in 2015. Currently, CARTIVATOR is developing “a flying car” by creating network across company structure, sections, and generations. Aiming for the future where everyone can fly the sky, they are working toward it’s debut in 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

Yasuki Funahashi

Environmental Activist & Beekeeper
Yasuki Funahashi  Environmental Activist & Beekeeper Representative director of Honey Farm General Incorporated Association, and Committee of Honey Bee Happy Community Development. Starting his life from a CEO of an environmental consulting company, he devoted himself in various environmental actions including Environmental Committee of METI Industrial Structure Council. The encounter with honey bees opened his eyes to the great dignity of nature, and he founded Honey Farm. He demonstrated bee education by raising honey bees at Higashiyama Botanical Garden and Zoo (Nagoya) and during Aichi Expo 2005. His honey was prized as the most delicious honey in the world by a French honey specialist. From there he has been vigorously trying to solve world food crisis by preventing honey bee extinction with the Opera House in Paris, beekeepers and artists around the world.

Yoshitaka Menjo

Education Innovator
Yoshitaka Menjo  Education Innovator In 1972 born in Takahama, Aichi, Japan. Graduate degree in Cognitive Science in Department of Human Science from Nagoya University. His youth of long discouragement had let him to found Asknet Organization to connect high school teenagers with society. In 2005 he developed the Japanese first licensing system for “Career education coordinators” with METI. Then even more, to provide more opportunities for all young people to become future social bridge, he founded Asubashi Education Fund to increase educational investments for high school students. Currently Representative Director of Asubashi Education Fund Association while consulting many other educational organizations including Asknet NPO Corporation.

Organizing team


Anjo, Japan
  • Kaori Otake