x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
July 23, 2009
10:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Los Angeles
United States

TEDxHollywood is organized by advertising Art Director/ Creative Director Tito Melega. As the advertising, marketing and entertainment worlds go through radical transformations, some traditional communicators find themselves somewhat puzzled and, sometimes, down right scared. But, where many see question marks, Tito sees opportunity for creativity and innovation.
With TEDxHollywood, Tito tackles the issue head-on by focusing the conversation on relevancy with topics like the exploding Social Media environment and the blurring line between art and commerce as manifested by the convergence of consumer empowerment, connectivity, street art, fine arts, marketing and branding.

Los Angeles
United States
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As a public service, Chase, artist/designer and Belgium transplant now living in Los Angeles, paints free murals around the world depicting young children with the text next to them saying: “Remember Who You Are”. The intent behind the mural campaign is to inspire people to think back and reconnect with a state of being that we all enjoyed when we were children, a state of being that was filled with joy, truth, love and wonder for the world around us. Chase’s other mural installations revolve around his “Awareness Geezers”, who are best described as colorful characters who have stumbled upon spirituality and awareness not by following the suggested path in life, but rather by having created their own path, guided by their sense of adventure and an “irreducable element of rascality”. The “Awareness Geezers” bring with them the fruits of their experiences in the form of uplifting messages such as “you can’t until you say you can”, “be peace”, and “go without if you don’t go within”. In October 2006, Italian Vogue named Chase one of their favorite artists in the world amongst Banksy, Shephard Fairey and Space Invader.

Greg Cargill

Greg Carhill is a founder partner of bigMETHOD, a Los Angeles based marketing agency focused on utilizing social media to connect clients "directly" to their target audience.

Organizing team


Los Angeles, CA, United States