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Theme: Different ways of living

This event occurred on
August 27, 2011
8:00am - 6:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)

We brought together speakers with inspiring life stories, who gave surprising and passionate talks. Our aim was to unite people who are noteworthy for the same reason – the way they look at life – but who differ in the way they do it. Our speakers varied from a herbalist to an archeologist, a singer and a Federal Prosecutor, with many unexpected forms in between.
TEDxVer-o-Peso was born from the desire to bring to Belém a platform of innovation and of exchange of ideas which could create bridges between people who live both in and outside the region and which could inspire its participants to change their behavior and the world.
Our goal was that everyone went home excited, inspired and motivated to live a different way of life. How? That’s up to each person who participated. As we have heard somewhere …. TEDx is only the beginning!

SESC Boulevard
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Adriano Gambarini

"Photographer by chance" For two decades, "Gamba" traveled extensively. And everytime he'd return home, he would organize a 'slideshow' of his pictures for friends. Until, "by chance" he become a photographer in 1992. Since then, his photographs have illustrated stories in major magazines all over Brazil, and outside of Brazil. Gambarini says his mission is to share with people everything he has seen and felt around the world, for only then will the things he has learned actually become real. Not by coincidence, he is the author of nine books. Just one detail: he never took a photography course in his life.

Beth Cheirosinha

"Passion and pride of being a herbalists at the market Ver-o-Peso" Beth is a herbalists at the largest open market of Latin America, the Ver-o-Peso. A descendant of indians and former slaves, she was born in Belém, in the neighborhood of Guamá, where she still lives. As a granddaughter and daughter of herbalists, she inherited the traditional knowledge of forest plants from her family, and has passed it on to daughter. It's been a dedication for over 45 years, which has included many lectures all over Brazil. When she was invited to leave Pará, she refused, preferring to continue receiving people in her tent at the Ver-o-Peso.

Beto Veríssimo

"When a different way of living affects an entire region" Beto studied at Penn State University, won the 2010 Skoll Award and is a founder of the Institute of Man and Environment in the Amazon (Imazon), where he is a senior researcher. He will talk about the Amazon in 2020 and guarantees he'll be realistic and optimistic in his statements. Zero deforestation is possible, as well as increased productivity and a competitive economy with a standing forest. The transformation may have already started and the city Paragominas, in Para, is an example.

Bruna Cybele and Boi Orube

"The soul of Pará 's dance and rhythm " The dancer Bruna Cibely and the group Boi Orube - composed of young percussionists - will present to the public of TEDxVer-o-Peso, the richness of the rhythms of Pará: carimbó, samba de cacete, marujada, boi, xote de Bragança, among others. They are part of the Arraial do Pavulagem Institute, which works on preserving the popular culture of Pará and offers free workshops three times a year to the population of Belém.

Daniella Alcarpe

"The good surprise of MPB" A singer since ever, Daniella Alcarpe has appeared in several concert venues, bars, cultural venues and theaters in São Paulo. After a season in Europe, she returned to Brazil more willing than ever to spread the Brazilian popular music at its best. Daniella plays songs by composers who are little known by the mainstream media. She is also an actress and will perform alongside her husband - he on the guitar, while she will sing with one of the sweetest voices of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) today.

Eduardo Góes Neves

"The Amazon of 14,000 years ago and our modern life" Eduardo Góes Neves graduated in history at the University of São Paulo (USP), has a doctorate in archeology from Indiana University, is a professor at USP and is president of the Brazilian Society of Archaeology. His wanderings through the Amazon in search of remains of bones, ceramics and black soil has earned him the bite of a poisonous snake and make him one of the world's experts in Amazonian archeology.

Fabio Novo

"Breathing is connection" Fabio Novo was a marketing executive for 15 years. One day he decided to change his way of life once and for all and today is a therapist, coach, meditator and synthesizer processes of human development. He works in several projects focusing on the transformation of individual and collective conscience, like TEDx and HUB School. He is the author of the ebook 108 Questions to Answer Before Talking to a coach. He lives in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo.

Felício Pontes Jr.

"Fighting for minorities in the great Amazon" As an Attorney General of the Federal Prosecutor of Pará, he unites professionalism and commitment to the rights of the peoples of the Amazon. He accompanied the life and death of Dorothy Stang and acts on behalf of those affected by Belo Monte - for which he suffers political persecution. He embraces the cause of minorities with a good dose of sensibility and intelligence - even because he has lived like them during his childhood in the interior. During the World Social Forum in Belem, he was seen sitting on the ground in numerous lectures. For him, that is really pretty normal.

Juan Fernando Reyes

"A forest managed by Children" The Bolivian Juan Fernando Reyes argues that the principles of respect for nature and humans develop in childhood. Therefore, he promotes an innovative methodology of comprehensive education: El Bosque de los Niños. In a protected area, it´s the little ones who make the decisions about the forest. In the process, he believes, they learn values for life. No wonder, the project has already spread to several other countries in South America.

Leonardo Sakamoto

"Yes, we have slaves. And we profit from them " Journalist and PhD in Political Science, he has covered armed conflicts and human rights abuses in East Timor, Angola, Pakistan and Brazil. What he saw and felt led to the founding of the NGO Reporter Brazil. He is a member of the National Commission for the Eradication of Slave Labor and columnist for the UOL portal. Sakamoto will talk about the harsh reality of those who believe in the illusion of a better life to end up trapped, isolated, exploited and abandoned at some forgotten corner in Brazil - suffering the greed, physical and psychological torture of others.


"Art as an instrument of social revolution" For graffiti artist Mundano, art has to do with attitude. For seven years he has been coloring the gray walls of major cities around the world. The graffiti he spread around - including on carts used by collectors of material to be recycled - features characters and catchy phrases that evoke thoughts, influence people and change habits through silent and efficient manifestations. At TEDxVer-o-Peso, he will show how art is able to improve the world in which we live. As he says, a great way for "social revolution".

Pedro Markum

"New ways of doing politics in networks" Pedro Markun has been discussing a new way of doing politics, which makes it possible to influence a city in an open way and without a suit and tie. Associate director of Esfera and founding member of Transparency Hacker, he is an activist for open source and freedom on the net. Blog created clone of the Plateau and the Game of Life in the Legislative Process. Works in the Digital Culture House with about 60 people who believe that the Internet and digital tools are tools of empowerment and autonomy of the citizen.

Roberta Carvalho

"Transforming looks through art, technology and nature" Roberta is a visual artist, designer and independent producer. Awarded several times, her artistic research and experimentation led to a path of interaction between technology, people and environment. Currently she travels around Brazil with her Project #Symbiosis, which captures and projects various looks of what man means by nature.

Valnete Macedo

"Researching and inventing healthy foodies" Business Consultant with a background in Civil Engineering, Valnete always enjoyed cooking for friends. She already owned a cafeteria which served healthy meal, but thought her destiny was not to be "behind the stove." She followed different paths but today she is back to the kitchen, where she found a talent and a way to work with pleasure. Valnete explores cooking with love entrepreneurship, inventing a healthy way of living.

Organizing team


Rio De Janeiro Rj, Brazil
  • Arthur Lisboa
    Takes care of organizing and accounting of the event
  • Ana Luiza Violato Espada
    Born in Sao Paulo, promotes forest management
  • Alice Vasconcellos
    Designer, for future generations
  • Ana Flávia Quintão Fonseca
    Educator passioned by the education of...the world.
  • Larissa Stoner
    Biologist, traveler, interdisciplinary
  • Mariana Vedoveto
    Researcher, hard worker and sensitive
  • Paula Ellinger
    International relations, curious, determined
  • Merel van der Mark
    She is from Holland, but it´s so Brazilian
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