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Theme: Ideas are Sexy

This event occurred on
March 6, 2010
12:00am - 12:00am GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
United Kingdom

Mens agitat molem – Mind over matter.
The Warwick University’s motto reflects how well a TEDx conference fits into the mindset of our students’ spirit.
Whether you wanted to know more about the connection between physics and human consciousness, the “universal grammar” or how big companies can be used to help third-world countries - TEDxWarwick 2010 was the place to get food for thought and inspirations concerning these and other issues.
TEDxWarwick 2010 presented a platform for an exchange of ideas between well-known international speakers, our university’s own professors and students and attendees from outside. We are proud to say that this was just the beginning of TEDx conferences at Warwick University!

University of Warwick
MS.02, Zeeman Building, CV4 7AL
United Kingdom
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Sir Roger Penrose

Sir Roger Penrose is one of the world's leading mathematical physicists. He is also joint winner of the Wolf prize with Stephen Hawking for their contribution to our understanding of the universe. Some of his discoveries include Penrose Tiling, Twistor theory and works about the geometry of spacetime. He is also a recreational mathematician and philosopher.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is a highly influential American linguist, philosopher and political activist. He is professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is considered by many to be the father of modern linguistics. He has also become known as an influential political activist and critic of US foreign policy as well as that of other countries. In addition to this, he is a key figure in contemporary philosophy as well as being a prolific writer.

Herve This

Herve This is a French physical chemist whose main area of interest is molecular gastronomy: the science of culinary phenomena. He has written several books and articles accessible to those with little or even no knowledge of chemistry. His research discoveries include the perfect temperature for cooking an egg and the use of an electrical field to improve the smoking of salmon.

Andrew Thorp

Andrew Thorp is a business speaker and people skills trainer who is currently developing the theme 'From Capitalism to People-ism': a plea to tap into the human factor and building of relationships in the pursuit of business success.

Michael Mallows

Michael Mallows has been a management consultant, supervisor and business trainer for almost thirty years. For more than twelve years he has worked as a clinical supervisor and life-coach for a number counsellors, therapists and hypnotherapists. He also ran an adolescent therapeutic unit in North London where he learnt about our ability to bounce back from traumatic experiences. His works include books, articles for magazines, journals, blogs, lyrics and poetry.

Simon Berry

Simon Berry is the founder of Cola Life, which is a charity that aims to use Coca Cola's distribution channels to provide remote communities in third world countries with essential medication and water cleaning tablets. He came up with this idea in 1988 while working on the British Aid Program.

Alex Wright

Alex Wright is a writer and user experience architect. He is the Director of User Experience and Product Research at The New York Times and the author of Glut: Mastering Information Through the Ages, a book which penetrates into the historical roots of the information age.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is Director of Influence at Work UK and the co-author of the book "Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion". Apart from consulting a variety of commercial and government organisations from around the world, he is a regular columnist for the Institute of Leadership and Management and writes the monthly "Persuasion" column for the British Airways in-flight magazine Business Life.

Dr. Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong is a medically qualified doctor, interdisciplinary researcher, Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture and TED fellow. Her key area of interest is the development of 'metabolic materials' which are programmable, environmentally responsive, have some of the properties of living systems and could be fixed to buildings in order to combat climate change.

Brenda King

Brenda King is the chief executive of African Caribbean Diversity, an organisation which works towards the economic and educational development of African and Caribbean communities by through promoting and facilitating the recruitment, development and advancement of people from these communities in all employment areas. She also advises a number of government departments, blue chip companies, voluntary organisations and special interest groups on their diversity strategies.

Kathleen Burk

Kathleen Burk is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at University College London. She specialises in Anglo-American relations, the history of merchant and international history. She has written several influential books and articles about these areas of research.

Angie Hobbs

Angie Hobbs is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. In 2009 she was appointed Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy; a role in which she aims to bring philosophy to as wide an audience as possible in the UK and beyond. She is a specialist in Ancient Greek philosophy and ethics generally. She is a frequent contributor to radio programmes and other media. She releases many podcasts and is starting to do TV work as well.

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