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Theme: The Known Unknown

This event occurred on
February 27, 2016
10:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Kafrelsheik, Kafr ash Shaykh

Knowledge is something too weird and deep for our conscious and subconscious mind to fully consume, you don't believe me? Well, what if I asked you to count all the things you already know? I think the answer would be easy But what if I asked you to count all the things you are aware of not knowing? I guess now it's getting harder Now, let's take the question to the highest level where I am going to ask you to count all the things that you are not aware of not knowing?Impossible, isn't it?!

There is a famous theory in psychology that says if any person wants to acquire or learn any new skill or information it has to pass through four stages to be fully absorbed by his mind,and those stages consequently are: (unawareness in the subconscious mind then unawareness in the conscious mind then awareness in the conscious mind then awareness in the subconscious mind).

You won't find any information or skill in the universe that doesn't follow this process, let's take driving for example. First you are young and you are unaware that such skill exist so you are unaware if you have it or not so to you it was "unawareness in the subconscious mind", then you grew up and you became aware that there is something called driving and you are aware that you don't know anything about it ، so driving became "unawareness in the conscious mind", After that you started learning driving but you still mix up the paddles and forget to change the gear and that's all because driving to you is still "awareness in the conscious mind", after a few months of learning you can drive well, talk to somebody on the phone and drink your morning coffee at the same time that's because this skill passed the three steps and now it became at the fourth stage which is "awareness in the subconscious mind" In our next TEDx KafrElsheikh event, we will not only tell you about the things that "you are aware that you don't know" but we will also tell you about the things that "you are not aware that you don't know", and we will do our best to make this event a starting point to you for all the inspiring ideas to pass the three stages and become awareness in the subconscious mind just as you driving your car, talking on the phone and drinking your coffee at the same time.

El Gomhoria Cinema, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt
downtown, Kafrelsheik, Egypt
Kafrelsheik, Kafr ash Shaykh, 33511
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Ahmed Nafie

Education/Entrepreneurship Consultant
Ahmed Nafie is a consultant providing services in the fields of educational management and entrepreneurial development. His aim is to develop the capabilities of youth through encouraging innovation, enhancing business skills and maximizing the impact of new technologies in education. He started his own business in 1994 specializing in industry-related services focusing on laser engraving and ERP systems’ implementation where he gained his entrepreneurial skills.

Mahmoud Mahdy

General Manager of B1 Creative Studio company

Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal

Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal is an Egyptian Automotive Writer, who has been known in the last months on the social media for promoting the idea of traveling the world while having a full time job. He visited 18 countries in the last 2 years while he kept a successful record in his career, writing reviews about the latest cars and interviewing the top management executives in the middle east for his website ElTawkeel.com Mahmoud has a huge fanbase with more than 190,000 fans on his page No Fixed Address, 13,000 followers on instagram and 21,000 followers for his facebook personal account, and he is writing about his trips for Yahoo! in the middle east.

Mohamed El Haw

Chairman of Educate-Me Foundation
Mohamed El Haw has worked with diverse organizations in terms of size and nature in the field of human capacity building & Learning consultancy. He is the Managing Partner of brainquil learning. Concurrently Mohamed is one of the Co-founders and the Chairman of Educate-Me Foundation. In 2011 he was selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. In 2008, he was a lead learning consultant in Edu-Egypt. Mohamed’s Role was to assess and analyze the competence gap between the Egyptian graduates and the needs of the BPO job market.

Mohammed Sallam

Sallam Joined a space program that targets sending humans to Mars on a one-way mission in 2026. He studied Mass Communication at October 6 University, although he was fascinated by the planets and astrology as a young child, but in Egypt it is not very easy to follow this path, so he had to forget about it for a long time. But in 2011, after the revolution, he decided to get a telescope and go back to his studies and research this field in order to achieve his dream.When he heard about Mars One in 2013, he immediately applied and was shortlisted from a list of many applicants . Mohamed Sallam who decided to stay on Mars forever will be with us On February 27 to talk more about this extraordinary dream.

Omar Shawky

Managing Director and the founder of Arabian Investments Financial Advisory
Omar is the Managing Director and the founder of Arabian Investments Financial Advisory. He started his career as financial advisor at Morgan Stanley in New York and through his journey, he trained over 45,000 trainees, holder of Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of California, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The American University in Cairo and a Certified Islamic Finance Executive.

Rana Abu Diab

a Founding Class student at Minerva Schools
Rana is a Founding Class student at Minerva Schools, she was the only Arab out of 28 international students selected to help build a university that hadn’t existed yet, trying re-invent higher education from scratch. Rana grew up in Jerusalem and attended the local public school. She had always been a critic of the education system, and joined a new university where students live and learn in 7 different world cities, and have no lecture halls or exams. After finishing her first year in San Francisco, her class took a gap year, and Rana traveled across the Middle East and Europe, talking to students about her experience and the future of higher education, and encouraging them to engage in global problem solving and rethink the purpose of their degree.

Yara Shalaby

The desert and Sports with Egypt's only female rally racer
Racing for 4 years and won several well-attended local races and international races held in Egypt and UAE including Pharaons Rally 2014 and was the first on her category and Second on 2014 National Championship.Committed of being the FIA (Federation of International Automobiles) Egyptian ambassador of the sport, and a member of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission.The only Arab driver chosen among 9 drivers from 38 countries with 85 candidates from all around the world to attend a 5 day training session in Qatar under the supervision of the FIA and QMMF.

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Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt