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Theme: Growth

This event occurred on
February 8, 2016
2:00pm - 8:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Lausanne, Vaud (fr)

Growth is a feature of nature that we accept and seldom question. Yet it impacts every aspect of our lives.

How should we manage the inevitable growth?
When is growth good so that we should encourage and even accelerate it?
When is growing bad so that we should control and even reverse it?

This year, TEDxLausanne explores the nature of growth in all its forms: organisms, data, personal, business, society and environment. A host of inspiring speakers will share their stories, and of course, ideas. After all, to learn is to grow – join us!

Universite de Lausanne
Amphi Max
Lausanne, Vaud (fr), 1015
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Attila Szantner

Head of research & business development at MMOS
Attila is passionate about connecting scientific research with video games and education - a new paradigm that he calls 'massively multiplayer online science', which is also the name for the company he co-founded. While now based in Switzerland, he comes from Hungary, where he was one of the creators of the biggest online social networks, iWiW.

Aurélie Emery

Singer-songwriter Aurélie Emery's inspiration emanates from a blend of nature, symbolism and urban noise. She weaves dreamlike worlds with her songs, mixing Pop, Electro and World Music. She released a first album "Kiss Surya", produced by Christophe Calpini (Bashung, Oy, Stade): a mysterious folktronica record which, when performed live, it is given a Rock and Tribal twist with her band or, in a solo version, accompanied with guitar and loopers.

Daniel Gasteiger

Co-founder of Nexussquared
Daniel Gasteiger is an entrepreneur based in Zurich, co-founder of nexussquared. Daniel carries a driving passion to support and further develop the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. He embodies more than 20 years of experience in financial services - starting out as an FX trader at Credit Suisse, he then joined UBS in a variety of roles including until recently, managing the Chairman’s office as a Managing Director. In his recent co-authored whitepaper, “Act Now or Follow Later”, he achieves a remarkable ‘call to action’ by describing why Switzerland must seize the Fintech challenge.

Ines Knaepper

Co-founder THE Port
Ines is an innovation enthusiast and social entrepreneur. Formally, she worked in the corporate environment and has experience in process design and improvement, project management, communication planning and business analysis. After a career break for family reasons, she co-founded THE Port association, a Swiss not-for-profit association, in 2014, driving innovation in the humanitarian sector. With her hackathons, Ines organises and bridges the gap between humanitarian NGOs and state-of-the-art technology innovators and fosters collaboration and innovation in the heart of International Geneva.

Léonore Porchet

Léonore Porchet is an art historian who graduated from the University of Lausanne. She’s been working with the Green party since the age of sixteen and now she’s in the Parlement of Lausanne. She wants to build a better world, with a safe environment for all generations, also the generation coming after us. Next to her political work, she’s a volunteer for student and feminist associations and cultural events.

Louis-Albert De Broglie

Micro farming entrepreneur
Louis Albert de Broglie was an investment banker before dedicating his time and energy in the preservation of biodiversity. 25 years ago, he created the National Tomato Conservatory in the Loire Valley. Several years later, he saved and modernized one of the world oldest natural sciences institution - Deyrolle. He is now developing a model of micro-farming inspired by permaculture.

Madeleine Reese

Secretary General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
In 1945 there was dream, one in which future generations would be spared the scourge of war and there would be peace. Laws have been put in place to regulate our conduct to protect human rights and to bring that peace. We have created systems to oversee their implementation and to hold accountable those who transgress. But the dream still seems out of our reach. In this talk, Madeleine Rees examines gender and how the intersection of political economy, militarism and the multi lateral system, have undermined the promise of the Charter and Human Rights, and explores what we must do to reclaim it. Madeleine Rees OBE, is a lawyer who has practiced in the UK and worked for the U.N. She defected to the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 2011.

Marcel Salathé

Professor of life & computer sciences at EPFL
Marcel is a professor of both life and computer sciences at EPFL. He recently returned to Switzerland after almost a decade overseas. During his years in Silicon Valley, he got infected with the digital bug, and the optimism that technology has always made us better off. Committed to the vision of building a thriving digital health ecosystem, Marcel now heads the Digital Epidemiology Lab at Campus Biotech in Geneva.

Ryan Rumsey

Director of Experience Design at Electronic Arts, Inc.
Ryan Rumsey is a veteran design leader with an interest in systems, platforms, and the humans inside enterprise environments. An advocate of both human centered design and design driven innovation, he is currently Director of Experience Design at Electronic Arts where he focuses on the intersection of design and the employee experience. A highly respected designer, Ryan's thoughts on design services are challenging traditional understanding of the role design plays as a core part of managing and processing information inside an organization.

Sebastian Buckup

Head of Programming and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum
Sebastian Buckup is Head of Programming and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. His role is to shape global, regional and industry agendas through strategic issue mapping, orchestrating stakeholder conflict, and innovating in the areas of group collaboration, experiential learning, and digital augmentation. An economist and evolutionary game theorist by training, Sebastian is lecturing and writing about the socioeconomic implications of globalization and technological change, as well as the collaborative production of public goods

Sonia Cancian

Canadian historian, Sonia Cancian studies how migration has shaped gender, family, and emotional dynamics of migrants and their significant others in Canada and Italy in the 20th century. She is best known as an expert in migrant letters, and especially love letters written in contexts of migration with the publication of numerous articles and her book, Families, Lovers, and their Letters: Italian Postwar Migration to Canada (University of Manitoba Press, 2010). She is currently completing a manuscript on a collection of love letters written by an Italian couple who were separated as a result of migration in 1948. Sonia is project leading the Digitizing Immigrant Letters Project at the University of Minnesota's Immigration History Research Center and she teaches at Zayed University in Dubai.

Sylvie Reinhard

Sylvie Reinhard has an entrepreneurial background and currently works at the development fund of Migros, Switzerland's largest retail group, to boost pioneer projects in culture and economy. Previously a managing partner at Lift Conference, one of Europe's key events in digital innovation, Sylvie is the co-founder of Alliance Digitale and a board member both of the Geneva University of Art and Design and the House of Electronic Arts in Basel.

The Marchepied

Dance performers
Established in 2001, the MARCHEPIED is a full-time training course designed for professional insertion and aims to support dancers in their entry into working life. Its main objective is to create a network between the dancers and choreographers in order to insert them into the professional dance world via choreographic creativity, directly confronting them to the physical and psychological skills expected within a professional company.

​Zaria Gorvett

Science writer
Zaria is a science writer based in London, though her path to journalism has been far from typical. Since she graduated from university in 2009, she’s worked for environmental charities in Greece and Tobago, a hospital laboratory, a bank, and helped manage an elderly care business in Singapore. Zaria has also squeezed in two Master’s degrees and edited the Cambridge University science magazine, BlueSci. Now she writes about a range of science topics, from sea monkeys to space umbrellas.

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