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Theme: Beyond the event horizon

This event occurred on
July 2, 2016
1:00pm - 8:00pm +06
(UTC +6hrs)
Omsk, Omskaya oblast'

The event horizon...What is that?
Remember Einstein, in physics horizon, or the boundary of a black hole is a place where time equals to zero. The light speed equals to zero. Information beyond the horizon for the outside observer is zero.

In humanics beyond the event horizon the changes invisible at the first sight take place, the changes that form the world around us. That big that is seen just from the distance.

We see the event horizon of past and future. The first are the landmarks of the history that form our memory and identity, the second are the consequences of our ideas and actions we take today. Some kind of the butterfly effect.

We want to take a look into the future. Beyond the imaginary boarder between the inspiring ideas and the world they create.

So what is there...beyond the event horizon? Come to TEDxLeninaSt to find out.

Puppet theatre "Arlekin"
Karla Marksa 41A
Omsk, Omskaya oblast', 644042
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Evgenii Lupinos

OmSU teacher, business coach, "Most Consulting" company's director

Алексей Бондарев

Палеонтолог, ученый, внесший значительный вклад в открытие усть-ишимского человека. Член Омского регионального отделения Русского географического общества, член управления Омского отделения Российского геологического общества, член Всероссийского палеонтологического общества.

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Omsk, Russian Federation


Omsk, Russian Federation