x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Space

This event occurred on
October 31, 2015
8:00pm - 10:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
České Budějovice, České Budějovice
Czech Republic

We understand the word „space“ as an area around us, that has an impact on everything that exists. This area as it self is indeterminite, waiting for us to give it shape, to create something meaningful. It really depends on every single persons attitude, it is everybodys chance. In our Space we want to show people, who took this chance and managed to change things around. Through that we want to give people information and inspire them. As this is our first TEDxBudweis event, we think this theme is suitable for the beginning and also may help our audience understand the whole spirit of TEDx events

Na Půdě
Dr. Stejskala 19
České Budějovice, České Budějovice, 37001
Czech Republic
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Bekim Aziri

Since he is 16 years old he is fastened to a wheelchair. Nevertheless his physical handicap didn't mean end for his career. He is looking for positives in everything he does. Bekim started to do music and standup comedy – sitdown tragedy as he calls it. Humor takes a very important part in his life. Besides motivating handicapped people, he also succeeds in inspiring the ones without any handicap.

Günther Kletetschka

He gained a PhD degree in Minnesota after graduating from the Facutly of Mathematic and Physics on the Charles University in Prague. After that he worked for 13 years by NASA near Washington D.C. First of his professional interests were stones in Kanada, later magnetic anomalies on Mars and after studying the asteroid Eros he changed to magnetism of meteorites and astrobiology. He is interested in the survival of terdigades under extreme conditions, the immortality of pines in California and finally in catastrophes that happened on the Earth n the past.

Jan Kolář

founder of Techsquat
While studying on the Faculty of Economics and Administration on the Masaryk University he founded a community housing called Techsquat, that has significantly changed his worldview. Finally this was the reason why he left the faculty. He enjoys the early stages of technological projects, no matter whether they are profitable or not. He stood behind the origin of the platform for selling Bileto tickets or the first european public transport ticket sale by Bitcoins - BitBrno. He appreciates courageous thinking.

Jan Lorman

founder of the organization Život 90
He is 69 years old and found the meaning of his life in struggling for better lives of elderly people. Therefore he founded and is the head of the professional as well as volunteer organization Život 90, which provides social, health, educational and cultural services. His life story is interesting. He used to work as an electro technician, actor, radio and theater director. He likes the claim of the director František Vláčil: The one who wants to, is looking for a way, who doesn't, is looking for a reason.

Organizing team


České Budějovice, Czech Republic


  • Monika Macháčková
  • Martina Součková
  • Martin Pavlík