x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Don't Stop the Music

This event occurred on
September 11, 2015
7:30pm - 11:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
The Hague, Zuid-Holland

Our next TEDxTheHague Salon — themed Don't Stop the Music — will be special. Very special.

Because in September we will celebrate our 75th event. And you're specially invited. Very specially.

Because this time we'll spare no expense and go big. Well, bigger. With live music, live speakers and, of course, live discussion.

Because there are only 75 seats. And you might be one of the select few. Very select.

Because you've been with us all the way. And we want you to celebrate with us. Very much.

That's why.

So RSVP now, and join us in September.

Don't miss it, till TEDx!

Prinsegracht 27
The Hague, Zuid-Holland, 2512 EW
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

André Kuyt

Manager Research & Development
Andre Kuyt is Manager R&D at Synaxion, a Dutch company aimed at monitoring & business intelligence. He sees beauty in the complexity of this world that many others take for granted.

Elise Coebergh

Musical Student
Elise Coebergh, who graduated at DAPA in 2014 after one of the toughest years imaginable, has the special talent to express feelings in words and music in a way that provides recognition and comfort for everyone. Together with Jan Willem she forms an upcoming singer-songwriter combination, always pursuing her dream of being able to share her music with others every day, no matter what life holds in store.

Ferris Tucsni

Classical Pianist
Ferris, now eleven years old, started playing the piano when he was nine. It turned out he had a remarkable gift. Very soon he was able to reproduce music on the piano he had only heard. On top of that he composes his own pieces for the piano. He dreams of going to the Dutch Academy of Music to become a professional composer.

Gert-Jan Danenberg

Business Consultant + Musical Performer
Gert-Jan studied Human Resources and Organisation at the Hague University. Eight years ago he started his business consulting company about Strategy and Internal Organisation. He thinks a lot. He will share his ways to get beyond thinking and be inspired to get the best out of ourselves.

Jan Willem Hoekstra

Artist + Pianist + Composer
Jan Willem Hoekstra graduated at the TU Delft at the faculty of Information Systems, but his career took an unexpected side-turn as he became one of the owners of the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA); an academy where young talents are offered the chance to excel in musical theatre and to discover at the same time what it is that is makes them unique, both as an artist and as a person. Also, he is known as a piano player and composer of musicals and music for (business) events.

Yvonne Lorang

Public Speaker
Yvonne has become an expert in living life to the fullest. You cannot reach the top without having sunk very low. These two principles have blended together in a way that she can communicate them with conviction.

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The Hague, Netherlands


Rijswijk (Zh), Netherlands
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