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Theme: New mental models for a new world

This event occurred on
March 19, 2016
Lages, Santa Catarina

They say that we are shaped by our experiences, the way we were raised and our culture guide our behavior patterns. These are our mental models, the way we interpret the world. We act with the logic of the past and lost opportunity to blaze new trails.

We are able to change our perception and find new solutions to old problems, seek opportunities where others do not see. Our mental models are constantly evolving and through interaction with the environment, people will reformulate their views, it is important to live in a world with so much transformation.

The TEDxLages invites you to undress this old world and use of new mental models to look at the world from another perspective, breaking paradigms, immobilizing his life in the construction of new ideas.

Auditorio CDL Lages
R. Cel. Córdova, 332, Lages - SC
Lages, Santa Catarina, 88502-200
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Ana Rauta and Gisele Giacomin

Thinking about the counter and trying to create other possibilities for the education of public school teachers Ana Rauta and Gisele Giacomin was challenged and created the Shared Education project.

Angélica Santos And Rogério do Carmo

It takes its customers a comprehensive and neutral financial guidance, helping them to relate to the money conscious, mature and healthy, improving present and future quality of life. Co-author of the book "Family, affection and finance - how to put more and more money and love in your home" (Ed Gente.) And the collection "Grow and Enrich - Financial Education Children and Youth - Building the foundation for wealth and citizenship" ( Ed. Humanities), with the titles "wealth is everywhere" and "the seeds of wealth," in partnership with Angélica Santos Rodrigues. Member and financial director of the Cultural Institute Authors House, a non-governmental organization that promotes reading incentives.

Blues In box

band of cigar box guitar
Trio of "Cigar Box Guitar" formed in 2014 in the city of Lages, Santa Catarina. It aims to perform songs of the blues genre making use of instruments made by hand, similar to those used at the time of the Great Depression (Post-World War) which started in 1929 and lasted throughout the 30s.

Breno Assis

Degree in Information systems at Senac University Center, an expert in web technologies, mobile and solution architecture. Acting for eight years in the market, we have developed and maintained ERP enterprise, relationship solutions (CRM) and operating systems in mobile technology.

Dalmir Franklin de Oliveira

Judge + Artist
Magistrate of the Court of Childhood and Youth Passo Fundo, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul, uses music to try to take youth crime. The band Freedom Project consists of making music workshops in the Education Partner Service Center (Case) of Passo Fundo.

Francisco Santos

Philosopher-Ceticista, Professor and Consultant, PhD in Ethics and Political Philosophy, Post graduate in Philosophy and Philosophy of Education, Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Social Communication. Today is a partner of Learning @ Thinking, consultancy with 13 years of existence, specializes in processing companies in rich, ethical, inspiring and perennials.

Gelson Bini

Storyteller, reading mediator and literary debates. Literary works in business for over 10 years. It's creator and project chairperson Reading Guide, which is accomplished through the project Word Art SESC / SC, since 2010. He has participated in several reading incentive projects.

Kalil Mondadori

Formed and working clinically with Naturology, Acupuncture, Reiki, Coaching and Therapy for over 10 years. Acting with lectures, workshops, courses and individual consultations and group strengthening human development, as well as restoring, promoting health and self-knowledge.

Pâmela Bressan

Director of the Entrepreneurial Generation in the State of Santa Catarina by CEJESC (State Council of the Young Entrepreneur; Director of Training of AJET (Young Entrepreneurs Shark Association); CEO of ONG "Universitários acima da média"; Creator of the Channel "Papo acima da média" on Youtube;

Ricardo Dória

Ricardo is entrepreneur and vibrates every time you see cool ideas connecting with reality. Founder of Coworking Aldeia (the first coworking office in southern Brazil), and co-founder of the "Grande Escola", studied Innovation and Design Thinking at Stanford University, the only Valley Silicon and a master's degree in Marketing Strategies and Consumer Behaviour in UFPR. Because of their way of thinking and acting, in 2012, he was invited to be part of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum initiative to connect young people with high potential for transformation.

Rodrigo Ferreira

Biologist graduated from UFSC in 1998 with specialization in Urban Environmental Management by UNILIVRE (Curitiba). Founder and coordinator of the project bear fruit (fruit plantation in underserved areas to generate income and improve the quality of life).

Ya Jen Chang

Biologist and educator
Idealistic, biologist and educator. Ya Chang Jen believes everyone is born with an inherent genius. For over 20 years engaged in the challenge of making an education that awakens the "Human Being" and enhance the potential of every person regardless of their socio-economic condition.

Organizing team


Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil