x = independently organized TED event

Theme: EXPAND Wind

This event occurred on
November 20, 2015
5:45pm - 8:30pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Fukuoka, Hukuoka

A cultural “Small Bang” for an urban “Big Bang”. TEDxHakata 2015 “EXPAND”.
The Fukuoka City urban “big bang” has just started and in the coming years we will live the excitement connected to growth.
A cultural “big bang” is unavoidable at this stage in order to support such a city's development plan;
We need many initiatives fostering culture and knowledge exchange to create a crucible of people able to enlarge and improve the community as a whole.
Yes! cultural excitement should be striking but even flowing if we want to avoid a “bubble”.
TEDxHakata aims to be a small cultural bang for the people of Hakata/Fukuoka and for the City of Fukuoka.

Scala Espacio
Chuo Ku Watanabe dori 4-8-28 F.T Bldg. B2
Fukuoka, Hukuoka, 810-0004
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Aki Yamamoto

"Tsugaru" shamisen player / DJ / music composer
"Kokeshi-doll" look with red lips is not the only trademark for this tiny DJ - she plays uniquely versatile music that incorporates anything from old Japanese pops, 80's disco, funk/techno/drum'n'bass, to Japanese folk songs. Aki was born in 1994 and started playing Tsugaru-jamisen when she was only 9 years old. She won third place in the national Tsugaru-jamisen high school team competition. After studying music in the U.S., she played Tsugaru-jamisen at the Global Gathering Korea 2013 and in Finland. She can be spotted at numerous events, including anime music events in Fukuoka and Saga.

Kuniyoshi Shimizu

Associate Professor / Research Faculty of Agriculture Environment Agriculture Sustainable resources Sciences Division
After obtaining the PhD at Kyushu University Research Faculty of Agriculture, he collaborates with the Research Institute of Kyushu University Venture Business Laboratory and then joins the Kyushu University Research Faculty of Agriculture from 2002, to the present. Since he was a student he's passionated with the "Yorozuya" (supermarket) of natural materials aroma as of trees, mushrooms, herbal medicines, and he's conducting researches on the efficacy and physiological activity impact of such aromas.

Masamichi Iwakuma

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation Media Business Director
Current, Media Business General Manager at RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation and regional Brand Development Manager of “Cool Japan” business project. He joined the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation in 1986; after working as news reporter he transferred to the company Sales Division of Tokyo branch; he attended a media training program in United States and in 1999 he became company HQ Television organization Vice-director and producer; he is a jury member of the Japan Record Award. In 2008 he was appointed Director of Contents Business development division and Producer of Fukuoka Asian Collection. From 2013 he is the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation General Manager of Media Contents Business division; he's also Director of the Fukuoka art Foundation and Marketing MBA Professor at Kitakyushu University.

Takumi Hiragi

Voiceprint analysis Psychology Association representative director
Researches on elementary particles and nuclear physics at Kyushu University. He gives seminars on how physics talk on life, relationships, work, and medicals all over Japan as well as giving counselings and therapies. Also, he establishes a field of space creation by using sound, colour, and scent which is adopted to facilities for disabled people, and voiceprint analysis, that is, to find out a personality by analising his/her voice. The field is developed in medical education and corporations. He wrote "Spiritual and Psychology" (BAB Japan). Representative for space creation of sound, colour, and scent. Board member of Japan Therapist Support Association.

Tetsuaki Oota

Ramen Yatai food stall Owner
Born in Fukuoka in 1974 with Korean nationality, he graduates at the Korean University of Tokyo. He works in China for a trading company and then in the Pachinko entertainment business. Now it's 17 years he's running in Tenjin the popular “Pyonkichi Yatai” ( typical Fukuoka food stall) owned by the father. He likes writing notes, memos and happenings in his everyday diary and also likes Japanese calligraphy “shodo”.

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Fukuoka, Japan


Fukuoka, Japan