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Theme: Big Time | Effervescence

This event occurred on
April 5, 2015
9:00am - 6:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Tunis, Tunis

Welcome to the Big Time – A place where the boundaries of what we know and do is being tested, and where the future is being rewritten right in front of our eyes.No need to go anywhere, you’ve already been living in the Big Time – and this year TEDxCarthage is going after the big questions of what it means to be alive at this moment when our once-dependable relationships with science, technology, history, culture, and even life itself, are evolving rapidly.We can feel these shifts happening around us, and over the course a new edition of TEDxCarthage, we’ll feature some of the innovators making it all happen, and hear from the visionaries showing us what’s coming next.After all, what better time to look at the big picture than right now, with TEDxCarthage celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. Over the last five years we’ve heard from Success Stories, tried to re-Imagine History, looked at InTolerance, explored Trust as a New Currency, searched for the Spark behind Tunisia’s leading women, and reflected on the Differences We Make.

Five years of talks at TEDxCarthage have let us experience how people in Tunisia and around the world are responding to some of the big questions of this Big Time moment we find ourselves in. Now as we mark this 5-year milestone and press on ahead, let’s push against these boundaries we think we know, and discover the great ideas that will rewrite the next five years, and beyond.

Bienvenue en pleine Effervescence. Ce moment que nous vivons où ce que nous faisons et savons est remis en question. Et où le future se réécrit là, juste en face de nous. Plus possible d’y réchapper, nous vivons déjà au cœur même de cette Effervescence.
Cette année, TEDxCarthage part à la recherche de réponses à certaines grandes questions provoquées par cette Effervescence et de ce que veut dire vivre dans ce moment d’Effervescence alors que nos relations avec la science, la technologie, l’histoire, la culture et avec la vie elle même évolue à une vitesse surhumaine.
Nous pouvons sentir se changement autour de nous et à travers cette nouvel-le édition de TEDxCarthage, nous présenterons certains des innovateurs qui créent ce changement et rencontrerons des visionnaires qui partageront avec nous leur idées de ce qui reste à venir.
Après tout, quel meilleur moment que ce moment même pour s’attarder sur une vue d’ensemble alors TEDxCarthage fête cette année ses 5 ans d’existence e Tunisie.
Au cours des 5 dernières années, nous sommes allés à la rencontre de sujets aussi variés et complémentaires que Success Stories, nous avons tenté de ré-imaginer l’histoire avec Imagine History, nous nous sommes interrogés après la révolution sur InTolerance, nous avons exploré en 2013 la notion de confiance notamment à travers la grande tendance de l’économie collaborative avec Trust as a New Currency. Nous sommes aussi allés en 2013 à la recherche de l’étincelle chez les femmes Tunisienne avec TEDxCarthage Women et son thème. Enfin, nous nous sommes interrogés en 2014 sur comment chacun peut apporter sa pierre à l’édifice avec le thème Differences We Make.
5 ans d’organisation de TEDxCarthage nous ont permis de découvrir comment le Tunisien mais aussi le reste du monde répondent à certaines des grandes questions de ce monde en pleine effervescence.
Cette année, alors que les 5 années de TEDxCarthage marquent pour nous une étape importante, nous continuons d’avancer, de repousser les limites de ceque nous croyons savoir et partons à la découverte de ces grandes idées quiré-écrirons les 5 prochaines années et probablement bien plus encore.

Palais des Congrès, Tunis
Avenue Mohamed 5
Tunis, Tunis
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Back To Reggae

Back to Reggae band » was founded in 2012 when bass player Ragheb Ouergli met guitarist singer Seifeddine Jelassi and was later joined, in 2013, by drummer Khalil Hermessi. The three musicians come from Ben Arous, in the southern suburbs of Tunis. The trio composes and records its first entitled demo "Babylon Tapes" (released in November 2013) in « Hay el Hefyene », Fouchena. Probably due to the fact that they grew up the same neighborhood, they share an indubitable complicity and a solid cohesion. That, and a very strong sense of humour ! In spite of life risks, daily problems and financial constraints, the trio never gave up on their dream: creating a music in their image, a music which characterizes them, a music such as they hear it, feel it, and see it ! The fruit of their labour with deeply thought and carefully written songs dealing with the human condition in general, anti-globalization, anti-imperialism and existentialism in particular.

Moonshine Band

Moonshine band is a Tunisian group formed in mid-march 2012. It gathers a group of musicians that have different musical influences, but have one thing in common: A deep passion for groovin' them rhythms! The music genre doesn't matter, the quintet plays a mix of funk, soul, and blues.


ZoNe’Art : la tendance tunisienne d’une fusion originale entre reggae, ragga, ska, roots, flamenco et autre. Issus de différentes régions de la Tunisie, les membres de ZoNe’Art, reflètent dans leur créativité musicale, le mal de vivre des jeunes qui y vivent mais aussi la détermination du mouvement alternatif tunisien. Au plus proche de l’identité tunisienne, leurs textes parfois provocateurs leur valent la reconnaissance de leurs fans. Transculturel, le groupe s’exprime au-delà des frontières de la capitale, en lutte contre le régionalisme et assoiffés du mélange des cultures. Au plus proche de l’identité tunisienne, leur style se veut au premier abord africain mais aux rythmes et aux sons d’une musique d’origine à la fois occidentale et jamaïquaine.

Alia Tebourbi

Alia Tebourbi is a financial specialist and currently working as a risk manager at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. Before joining the company she cumulated 3 years' experience at Mazars as a senior consultant in financial services. Alia left Tunisia 12 years ago to pursue her studies at University Paris-Dauphine where she earned a master degree in Finance / Marketing an Strategy with honors. Through her passion of traveling, literature and art, Alia takes every opportunity she has to discover new cultures and widen her vision of the world.

Dave Troy

Dave Troy is a serial entrepreneur and community activist in Baltimore, Maryland. He is currently CEO and product architect at 410 Labs, maker of the popular e-mail management tool He has been acknowledged by the founding team at Twitter as the first developer to utilize the Twitter API, with his project “Twittervision,” which was featured in the 2008 MoMA exhibition “Design and the Elastic Mind,” curated by Paola Antonelli. His new crowdsourced project uses social network data to map cities. He is also organizer of TEDxMidAtlantic and is passionate about data, cities, and entrepreneurship. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children.

Eiso Vaandrager

Under the motto: ‘Inspire-Connect-Act’ Eiso’s approach to life and work is to inspire and empower individuals to take action and to empower others who are passionate about exponential technologies and sustainable development. Eiso co-founded the first Dutch Solar Car team, which won the World Solar Challenge in 2001. As a VC and Investment Manger Eiso has 10 years of experience with global innovation. Eiso lived in the US and Netherlands and is currently based in Amsterdam.

Helmi Rais

Helmi RAIS est un expert en cyber-sécurité ayant une douzaine d’année d’expérience. Il est actuellement Senior manager chez Alliacom France/Tunisie et Manager de l'équipe AlliaCERT (Alliacom Computer Emergency Response Team). Helmi RAIS est un des membres fondateurs de l'OIC-CERT, membre de l'équipe de développement du CERT Africain, membre de l'équipe fondatrice de l'Agence Nationale de la Sécurité Informatique en Tunisie, Orateur et paneliste dans plusieurs événements internationaux (IUT, FIRST, OIC-CERT, TFCSIRT, CCDF, Securiday, Universités françaises et tunisiennes, etc.).

Nate Mook

Nate Mook joined “What Took You So Long?” in 2012 after working for TED and spending his earlier career as an entrepreneur in the technology and software industries. He has recently led film productions in Somalia, Haiti, Colombia, Panama, Uganda, Kenya, Iraq, and Liberia, working with clients such as USAID, UNDP, and the World Bank, along with smaller NGOs. Nate has traveled throughout Africa with President Clinton, providing video production work for the Clinton Foundation, and was selected as a Gates Foundation “Change Hero”. Nate also produces the renowned TEDxMidAtlantic conference in Washington, DC, which partners with PBS, and has featured speakers including Paula Kerger, Gen. Colin Powell and Steve Case.

Neila Ben Zina

Neila pilote une équipe de plus de 250 personnes, le marketing international stratégique et opérationnel, le business développement, la conduite du changement et la relation avec des grands clients en Tunisie et à l’international : en France, Belgique, USA, UK, Espagne, Suisse et sur la zone MEA. Elle évolue dans des environnements cross-culturels à l’international et elle a appris la collaboration et la coordination d’un écosystème Public/Privé au travers de ses différentes activités associatives.

Neila Benzina

Neila pilote une équipe de plus de 250 personnes, le marketing international stratégique et opérationnel, le business développement, la conduite du changement et la relation avec des grands clients en Tunisie et à l’international : en France, Belgique, USA, UK, Espagne, Suisse et sur la zone MEA. Elle évolue dans des environnements cross-culturels à l’international et elle a appris la collaboration et la coordination d’un écosystème Public/Privé au travers de ses différentes activités associatives.

Radhi Meddeb

Radhi Meddeb is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of COMETE Group, established in Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya and active in the fields of engineering, consulting and real estate, mainly in the Maghreb and African sub-Saharan countries. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Mediterranean Economic Prospective Institute (PEMED, Paris) whose objective is to bring together the two shores of the Mediterranean via economy. In 2011 he founded and chaired an NGO: “Action et Développement Solidaire” which aim is to identify and promote an economic and social development scheme for Tunisia, based on the values of inclusion, openness, sustainability, solidarity and efficiency. He published, October 2011, a book: ”Ensemble, Construisons la Tunisie de demain: Modernité, Solidarité et Performance”. He coordinated, 2012, the writing of a book for young people: Tounesna : Our Tunisia.

Rutger Hofste

Rutger Hofste has a passion for water, development and the role of technology in future global challenges. He recently joined the World Resources Institute, one of the leading environmental think tanks, on water related issues. One of the projects is to help develop an online tool to investigate global water related risks. Water, technology and development are his passions. During his time at Delft University of Technology and the National University of Singapore, Rutger learned to use freely available satellite data and draw very useful conclusions with them. His thesis, which was partly done at UNESCO IHE compared several methods to estimate evaporation using satellites. During his study, he traveled overland in a Russian 4x4 from the Netherlands to Mongolia with two good friends and did water related volunteering work in Southern India. Rutger currently lives in the Netherlands and enjoys adventurous traveling, exploring and (extensively) discussing world problems.

Rym Baouendi

Rym Baouendi is an urban sustainability catalyst and a social entrepreneur on a mission “to accelerate urban wellbeing for people and the planet”. She brings over a decade of experience in the fields of urban sustainability and social innovation and has worked on a range of projects globally with focus on urban policy, sustainable planning & design, social entrepreneurship and impact measurement.

Salwa Smaoui

Salwa is currently the Business group General Manager for Windows and Surface for Microsoft in Western Europe Region since 2014. Prior to that and in 2011, Mrs Salwa Smaoui has been appointed the director of Advertisement & Online for Middle East and Africa . In this role, Mrs. Smaoui was driving the strategy of Online and Advertisement Microsoft platform to increase its impact and usage by the consumers and businesses in the region. She helped build a strong ecosystem of media and advertising partners in the region. Salwa is the President of Tari9i association for developing entrepreneurship in Tunisia and a Member of the global board of Education For Employment (EFE) Foundation.

Serge Moati

Serge Moati est un journaliste français né le 17 août 1946 à Tunis (Tunisie). Son vrai nom est Henri Haïm Moati est il est issu d’une famille juive tunisienne. Il est également écrivain, réalisateur ainsi qu’animateur d’émission de télévision notamment sur France 5. Serge Moati a notamment porté la casquette de conseiller de Francois Miterrand et se fait connaître du grand public grâce à la série Riposte.

Sofana Dahlan

Sofana Dahlan is a mother, daughter, lawyer and social entrepreneur but curiously that’s not what she spends the majority of her time on. She has worked tirelessly for nearly a decade in supporting artists and developing the creative economy in the Middle East. Sofana was building “runways” for success for others but soon realized that she needed to build entire airports if she wanted a future where the Middle East was an eclectic center for creativity.

Steve Garguilo

Steve helped design creative technology solutions for developing countries throughout eastern Europe, the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa at Johnson & Johnson. This international work stemmed directly from Steve's experiences in India, Kenya, Morocco, and Hungary as part of the Engineering Leadership Development Minor (ELDM) and the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) programs at Penn State.

Walid Sultan Midani

Fan of IT and a bit geeky, Walid graduated in July 2008 from ESPRIT Tunisia as an IT Engineer. In addition to being a pioneer in the Tunisian video games industry, Walid has also dedicated his time to NGOs that fight for freedom of speech. Walid landed in the video game ecosystem as a professional in 2004 after co-founding his first startup "Tunisiagames" that went on organize the “Tunisian Electronic Sports Cup” from 2005 to 2009. He also took part in the “Electronic Sports World Cup – ESWC” in Paris from 2005 to 2007 and in California on 2008. In 2012, he launched the first video game studio in Tunisia : DigitalMania. Now Walid is leading DigitalMania’s team composed by 20+ people. DigitalMania already has released 35 games on Facebook and on mobile stores. In 2013 Walid started being a mentor by succesfully helping other entrepreneurs setting up their startups and raising funds. Soon he will launch an accelerator in Tunisia.

Organizing team


Tunis, Tunisia


Tunis, Tunisia