x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
June 27, 2015
7:30pm - 10:15pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Sheffield, Sheffield
United Kingdom

On June 27, 2015 TED talks will be coming to Pitsmoor. To the surprise of many in Sheffield the TEDTalks organisation has granted a local Pitsmoor group a license to hold a TEDTalks event, an evening of inspirational 10 minute talks, We would like to make this event as special and as entertaining as possible.
Organiser Martin Currie says...
TEDTalks have of course been going for decades. Some Ted events last a whole weekend, our event will last about as long as a trip to the cinema, though with the price of Cinema tickets being what they are, our free entrance price is hard to beat. We have a wide range of talks, so we're keeping them short. Ten minutes maximum.
As well as talks, we will be showcasing a number of local entertainers, as a bit of variety is always helpful. There will be intermissions, providing the opportunity for tea, cake and the chance to meet and praise, or argue with, the speakers.
Talks range from the global down to the very local, but all are enthralling. I am very proud of my speakers, most of whom are new to public speaking, and all of whom have an interesting perspective on Pitsmoor and the world. These aren't people peddling politics, selling products, or looking to put something new on their CV, these are people with something to say, taking advantage of the forum we are providing.
So get down to Christchurch on Saturday night on the 27 June. Doors open at 7 o'clock and the show will start promptly at 7:30. And if you are nervous of coming to Pitsmoor, well stop being daft and get down here anyway. Want to pre book a ticket......we don't have any, just turn up. The venue is huge, we'll have space for you. See you there.

257 Pitsmoor road
Christ Church
Sheffield, Sheffield, S3 9AQ
United Kingdom
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Saskia, Carys and Alice

Three friends who I knew sang, and invited, unheard, on a whim. Good whim that. Original song by The Staves from the 2012 album Dead & Born & Grown.

The Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Choral

The delicate ladies once again risk their manicures on those rough strings.

The Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Chorale.

Caroline Webb and Stacey Almond, a class act.

Clare Burnell

Gareth wrote " I really enjoyed Clare Burnell's stories of Pitsmoor - from the People's Press to the fundraising for the adventure playground - it reminded me that this little corner has been full of activity and life for decades. Clare delved into her box to show us our past, our successes and victories and the battles that are still to be won. I watched over the rehearsals as her talk took shape, how she grew in confidence and polish with encouragement from us all and specific techniques from Lee Furness. And by going first she set the stage brilliantly for all of the rest of us to dive into our things. Nice one Clare"

Dave Kirby

Dave writes..."My most notable memories of the event are. · Tie wrapping signs to traffic lights in the hot afternoon sun · The red-faced embarrassment of leaving early - and having it pointed out. · Having a friend who saw me saying he was surprised by the sort of stuff I wrote but that he liked it - with what seemed like sincerity · Talking about comics and Carlos Esquerra in Debjani’s kitchen · Sitting on my cat scratched sofa with a cup of tea and opening a link to the first cut of the video On that last point, I want to know who that fat grey haired bloke was, reading my stories from a pulpit. He didn’t do a bad job though."

Debjani Chatterjee

Debjani Writes "I've been a community activist and a literary activist for all of my adult life, and in recent years a cancer activist too. So doing this TedX talk seemed entirely right. As I looked across the hall of Christ Church, it looked so large and so very full of people that evening. I took a deep breath and launched into telling them - and the world - a little about my cancer journey. "

Gareth Hathaway Coleman

Message Gareth Hathaway Coleman: You have somehow made my stumbling, awkward talk into something great! thanks Martin and the rest of the crew!! July 14 at 9:08am · Like Martin Currie: Didn't cut a thing out, this is exactly how you were on the night. July 14 at 9:24am · Like

Huw Thomas

A well known Sheffield rabble rouser, in education, the Anglican church and politics. We disagree on religion, but as I once wrote, I have no belief in god whatsoever, but I have complete faith in Huw, and I was proven right by this talk. My faith is renewed.

Kim Streets

We didn't let on, that from being an unpaid volunteer, Kim is now head of Sheffield's museums. She has some exhibits from Pitsmoor, but wants more......and yes, she's a local.

Lee Furniss

Our marvellous public speaking coach and MC.

Linda Gooden

Linda came along with Paul, to our practise sessions. Although not a speaker, she always had something relevant to say, so I asked her to do a short piece.

Marge Allen

Debjani writes...Marge is a friend and neighbour, whose late husband Barry had also been a friend. So I had been especially pleased when she joined the Healing Word, the support group that I run for cancer survivors and their carers. Our monthly workshops focus on different topics and in March this year we met on Mother's Day, so 'Mother' had been the subject for our poems, stories, jokes and irational sayings. Marge had made a fine contribution to this with humorous quotes and a short poem that she had written for the occasion. They were well received by other Healing Word members, who suggested she share them with a wider audience. The TedX event provided an excellent opportunity for her to do this and she did this with evident confidence and enjoyment. The audience at the TedX event warmly applauded her and hopefully an even wider audience will get similar enjoyment.

Martin Currie

Dry witted, dark humoured organiser of TEDXPitsmoor.

Martin W Currie

As the only RayGun consultant in the country, I was lucky to be able to spare the time to give this educational talk. People laughed, but I'm used to that. Email to the band, Secret Broadcast...Hi I am using your most excellent 'raygun' song as an intro for my act, and I thought I'd better own up. No money has been made, I am purely in it for fun, but still I should seek your permission. Reply...Hi Martin That's totally fine. We would appreciate a credit and a link to our website (www.secretbroadcast.com) Thanks Matt

Nawal Benhallou

Nawal really didn't want to do this, we're all glad she did, and you know? I think she is too.

Paul Beck

ww.snookertriangle.com Our PowerPoint packed in at this point, so Paul went from 30 plus slides, to just himself, and it was so much better.

Peter Applerock

A boundless creator, maker, director, designer, writer and optimist, speaking in his third language, you have to listen to Peter.

Victoria Dawes

Victoria has embraced Pitsmoor wholeheartedly, no sidelines stander she.

Organizing team