x = independently organized TED event

Theme: We are all astronauts of spaceship Earth

This event occurred on
September 17, 2015
1:00pm - 8:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Arnhem, Gelderland

TEDxArnhem September 17, 2015 is the first TEDxArnhem event. The theme 'We are all astronauts of spaceship Earth' is based on the eight commandment by Dutch astronaut and advocate for sustainability Wubbo Ockels.

Tellegenlaan 3
Arnhem, Gelderland, 6814 BT
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Corine Jansen

Corine Jansen’s youth was characterized by many unstable factors, amongst them were her mothers health problems. At the age of 18 she fell in love with someone with a chronic illness. Therefor she got a much closer look at the healthcare world and how it functions from the inside. Throughout her years Jansen discovered the delicate power of listening. It was this discovery that guided her in making her own life choices, which she profoundly did! At TEDxArnhem you will meet a warm-hearted, genuine entrepreneur who has a drive to explore what Health and Care means for patients. Listening and storytelling are two cornerstones for her journey and she will share their fundamental importance within healthcare. 

Dalila Sayd

Dalila doesn’t like to put herself in the picture, unless it relates to her work. Her whole life she has presented herself with a focus on her hard work, instead of showing herself as an individual person. All her projects had one thing in common: food. During her studies, she got the chance to explore her other talents. She discovered that her projects, except 'Food,' also had something else in common; creating family for others. During her project 'Stil Leven', she found out that her vulnerability, her own lack of family,  is a force which she can use to communicate her mission. During TEDxArnhem she speaks up about her project 'Stil Leven' and about her personal struggles. 

Florian Wolff

Florian Wolff wants to leave the world two things: a huge catalogue filled with beautiful songs and… nothing. Because, despite of his rather large shoe size, Florian aims for leaving a footprint that is as small as possible. He takes a step in the right direction with The Nature of Things, since the songs on this record will make you want turn down the heat two degrees come winter. Performing live with a bicycle installation (the Green Machine) that allows the crowd to generate green human power for his equipment, Florian strives to make his audience aware of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle in an interactive and fun way.

Guido Weijers

Guido Weijers is a famous stand-up comedian from the Netherlands. He's independent, non-conformistic and politically involved. He observes human behaviour and talks about it, giving it a funny and philosophical twist. Guido also studied and has won some awards in the past, but he focuses on today and today only. This comedian finds 'life' more important than 'money' and 'the preservation of the earth' more important than 'a growing economy'.

Jeannette Welp

Jeannette Welp, born in 1961, musician, flutist, retailer (music shop owner), repairs-woman of flutes, clarinets and saxophones, teacher and boomwhacker workshop leader. At TEDxArnhem, I will talk about my journey from ‘me and my music ’ to ‘making music with groups'. In fact, we will all be musicians during the talk. Playing the boomwhacker and experience the magic of making music together.

Jeroen Glissenaar

For more than twenty years now, Jeroen Glissenaar is the face of the city park Sonsbeek. As administrator of the monumental parks in central Arnhem, he is responsible for the quality of this beautiful park Sonsbeek, located in the heart of the city. His daily tasks consists in managing the park and making sure the norms and standards for national monuments are met and maintained. As a project leader Urban Forestry he has been able to work within a green, natural environment and within a busy urban setting. To achieve this, the business climate, health, social cohesion and marketing value for the city of Arnhem are crucial. Glissenaar has been involved the production process of the 'Sonsbeek exhibitions' in 2001 and 2008.

Joos Ockels

Joos Ockels was born in 1946 as Joos Swaving. Studied at the University of Groningen educational psychology. Married in 1969 to Wubbo Ockels, who became the first dutch astronaut in 1979. They have two children Geanneke (1973) and Martin (1980). Since 2003 Joos accompanied Wubbo also in his activities on promoting sustainability. Together they build and designed the sailboat Ecolution as an example of innovation and sustainability.

Karin Lambrechtse

Karin Lambrechtse (1981) started dancing at the age of six. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from ArtEZ in 2003. INTRODANS, the third biggest dance company in NL, offered her a contract and during the next 10 years Karin was a leading dancer performing pieces by many renowned choreographers which brought her all over the world. She won the Dansersfonds '79 incentive prize in 2006 and got nominated for the Dans Publieksprijs in 2012. Since 2013 she's studying Health & Nutrition next to working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer for various companies and institutions.

Lisette Thooft

My career began as a freelance journalist, all alone behind my desk. As I grew bolder, I started to speak for audiences. Later still, I organized and led workshops and  ‘living room lectures’ in intimate settings. Then I trained to be a coach. So now I still write - stories for spiritual magazines and self-help books - but I also coach people. And the next thing is: I’m going back to school, to train to be a hands-on body worker. And wasn’t it a long way down… Down into body consciousness, down to Earth, down into trust and real connection.

Lucas Dols

Lucas studied double bass and electric bass at the conservatory of Amsterdam. During his study he played in the popular Dutch band, Room Eleven, and joined later the jazz group Tin Men and the Telephone and various other bands. After several years as a professional musician, Lucas felt a strong need to contribute more to the world he is living in and started to explore how he could use the power of music in different. After working for Amnesty International, stichting Papageno, Kobranie, Syrious Mission and Fort van de Verbeelding, his search brought him to Knowmads International Business school, a school with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability, where he learned to work with group facilitation, co-creation, collaborative leadership, non violent communication and deep democracy. Music is always a common theme in his work as a facilitator, host, trainer, knowmad and a teacher. He is a trainer with Musicians without Borders.

Marnix Pauwels

Copywriter. Singer. Writer. Lover of life. Former addict. Spiritual realist. Very much in contact with my essence. Mindtraveler. Boob fan.

Mart de Kruif

Mart de Kruif serves in the military since 1977. After his initial training as an infantry-officer, he served in Arnhem as Platoon- and Company-Commander. Graduating from Staff-colleges in The Netherlands and Germany, he further developed his leadership-skills during missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Over there he has seen the worst and the best in people. Since 2011 he is leading the Royal Dutch Army, with a profound knowledge that humans are crucial for failure as well as succes.

Paul Bartels

For 40 years Paul Bartels has a growing passion in the improvement of the food chain from farm to fork. The agricultural green revolution in the 60’s inspired him. He studied food technology in Wageningen and worked at Applied Sciences of Delft University of Technology. Also he obtained experience in business sciences and logistics. This knowledge has been combined to find solutions for better preserved food with a proper distribution around the world, creating less malnutrition using sciences and practical cooperation in Wageningen.

Paul Leenders

Paul Leenders studied analytical chemistry and has master degree in business administration. After working as an environmental engineer, he became and independent entrepreneur in 1995. Paul develops filters for the International Space Station (ISS), there are currently 80 filters on board of the ISS. Since 2002 he is involved in the development of advanced oxidation technologies, starting with a spin-off from space technology where ozone was used for disinfection. In 2011 he started the first tests with Plasma Activated Water. The results were so promising that a new consortium was formed to further develop agricultural and medical applications of Plasma Activated Water.

Pauline van Dongen

As a creator interested in the notion of interactivity in fashion, Pauline van Dongen researches the human body in relation to its surroundings. The language and expression of the body give form to the garment thus establishing an intimate and personal connection with the wearer. By collaborating with innovators from the fields of science and technology, Pauline aims to bring out and accentuate the inherently natural characteristics of the individual. 

Peter Desain

Peter Desain develops ways to couple brains and computers that enable communication for patients who are completely paralyzed. As Principal Investigator in the Donders Center for Cognition he works towards a better understanding of our most delicate and complex organ. As head of the Artificial Intelligence department, his heart is close to moving scientific inventions towards use in society.

Qeaux Qeaux Joans

A concert of musician Qeaux Qeaux Joans is as a firm and tasteful red wine, to drink in good company. Qeaux Qeaux Joans enters all your senses right away, she works like an anesthetic but loosens up your emotional thresholds. Joans' influence sticks with you for days. Joans is an advocate for equality and the development of a sustainable society. She calls her self an intuitionist and likes to remind people the quote from Maya Angelou 'Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better'.  

Tom Kniesmeijer

Tom Kniesmeijer is Trend psychologist. He has written two books: on the seasonality of the Zeitgeist and on the need for meaning-fitness: the quest to stick to one’s personal path. Tom will proclaim the silent revolution spreading through society. Systems are crashing – any news site will bring you the panic and manic search for solid ground this brings about. Now that more and more people realize solid ground only lies within themselves, there's a debate about the Maslow Pyramid. Shouldn’t we add a new level, that of significance?

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