x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Transvolution

This event occurred on
September 20, 2014
3:00pm - 7:00pm WAT
(UTC +1hr)
Jos, Plateau State

TEDxRayfield Challenges the way we think, our approach to pertinent issues in our world and our resolve to be better citizens of the world. It takes into account the problems we have suffered and the challenges we face. It projects our unique identity and delves into the strategies that we need to exact in order to achieve our utmost possibilities.
>What we stand for
We represent the interest of the people of Jos, their inner passion and desires, their collective destiny and their role in the world. We represent the frustration of Nigerians, their aspirations and their possibilities. We stand for positive change, the actualization of dreams, the optimization of resources and the relentless resolve to make our world a better place.

>What we believe in and hope to achieve
Restoring the hope of humanity to its utmost possible state- We have suffered the worst of events in Jos, lives have been lost, dreams have been shattered and destinies unaccounted for. But we can show the world how to hope again if we move from our place of insecurity and despair to where we desire to attain. We seek to restore the unique identity we know Jos to have and use that as a point of projecting hope to the people, and to the world at large.
Beaming up all corners of the world-All over the world, people are advancing, some a lot faster than others, why not us? This describes our resolve to find our unique identity, optimize it and share with the world ideas only we can bring. We can only achieve this if we look inward and recognize our own uniqueness, tie all that together and use it to transvolve our lives.
Reigniting the essence of our being –We want to reignite the passion and redeem the place of inspiring productive thinking to change our world. We want to help the people of Jos to look inward and find the quintessence they have lost and use it as a weapon to fight their challenges.
Actualizing the individual and collective desires of the people of Jos- We hope to be a starting point for a campaign that will transvolve our community, harness our peculiarity and achieve our purpose in the world.
Bringing the TED experience to the people of Jos- This experience is twofold. On one side, we want the people of Jos to experience the power of unleashing ideas that will transform them and empower them to impact their world. On the other hand we want to share with the world ideas that it can learn from, engage us in and improve on.
Excellence, Transparency and no limitations- We hold ourselves to very high standards, consistent with the TED organization as we are accountable to them. We are transparent with our approach and with every detail of our activities in order to preserve our integrity. We let our imagination fly with no measure of reservation. We owe it to ourselves to think farther, venture further and attain beyond what we have been previously fashioned to.
>What people we seek to engage
Directly the event seeks to host the topmost thinkers and doers that live in or have experienced the city of Jos, influencers in government and the private sector. We want to host the group of people that will not only challenge the ideas we share, but people that can learn from them and make an impact by optimizing the experience and exacting it in our society.
We also seek to engage the rest of the world as we share with it our unique perspective in the challenges that we face.

Jos, Plateau State
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Organizing team


Lagos, Nigeria
    Speakers Coordinator
  • Teyei Pam
    Sponsorship and Partnerships
  • Ibrahim Faruk