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Theme: The Power of Purpose

This event occurred on
November 8, 2014
10:00am - 6:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
London, London, City of
United Kingdom

Mandela. Lincoln. Napoleon. Many great minds have overcome criticism to create something

great. Many of us forget what life would have been like if those great minds didn't follow

through with their passion and dream, and many of us forget what life would be like if the

same doesn’t continue in the future.

The Purpose of Life has been the topic of so many philosophical debates, that we wanted

to shape our event around it. We want those in the audience and speakers to unravel what

they feel is purposeful, weather it is growth, empowerment, changing lives of people they

may never meet, staying true to intrinsic values or even just fulfilling ones goals.

We equally delve into Power and the importance it has in this world across communication,

land, energy, the media and travel. How does music and film play such a powerful role in

purpose within our lives today? These questioned, pinned against different regions but

mainly the community in London, can look into the value that these huge powerful industries

plays in shaping our worlds, and how it can play in the future. Most importantly, we explore

how these two topics are interlinked.

From our event this November we expect there will be a fantastic array of emotions and

thoughts off the back of the event. Some people being able to make direct relation to those

they see speak, as well as many being able to gain new insights that’s will significantly

change your view on how you now will see the world. We hope the event will bring an

opportunity to meet some other unique individuals, for you to meet great moments of

pleasure, joy, inspiration and most importantly, the motivation to do something great.

Museum of London
The Museum of London
150 London Wall
London, London, City of, EC2Y 5HN
United Kingdom
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold is an entrepreneur and businessman from Liverpool, and the founder of Camp Leaders, Smaller Earth and the Co-founder of World Merit, a platform to create an online and offline community of talented young people internationally.

Dwayne Fields

Born in Jamaica, Fields grew up in the UK from the age of six. He has been the victim of both knife and gun crime and in the wake of his experiences of the effects of gangs and crime, he decided to change his life. He has become an adventurer/explorer; has completed a combined honours degree in Psychology and Third World Studies; he is an ambassador for his university (UEL); and gives motivational talks to young people on his exploits.

Joel Grainger

Composer and violinist Joel Grainger. He was classically trained but is now exploring a dynamic range of musical styles, from Indian Classical to Hip Hop, giving him a real ability to be creative with the violin. Whilst still at the beginning of his musical career, he is gaining a wealth of experience. This includes selection as a UK finalist for the BOSS World Looping Championships, writing and recording for a number of producers, artists and composers (including recently for a BBC documentary), and the recent filming for an appearance on BBC’s ‘The One Show’.

Jonny Benjamin

Johnny Benjamin is a mental health campaigner, writer and filmmaker. At the age of 20 he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and during his recovery started making YouTube films about the condition that have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He has just finished producing a documentary film, Finding Mike, to raise awareness of mental illness and suicide, which is due to be screened on Channel 4 next year. The film sees Johnny attempt to find the man who stopped him taking his own life through a social media campaign which went viral. Jonny is also an ambassador for the charity Rethink Mental Illness.

Kirsty Hanly

With a background in theatre and television production, Kirsty Hanly dedicates now her time to successfully coach people through letting go of limiting beliefs, negative habits and thought patterns in order to achieve so much more in their lives both personally and professionally. As a cognitive hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London, Kirsty works with clients from the business, arts and media worlds to open up possibilities to achieve so much more than anyone might once have dreamed to be possible.

Lion Heart

Born Rhael Cape, but known to many as Lion Heart. An award winning 'Spoken Word' artist, raised in North West London. He appeared on the BBC to discuss poetry, performed for Sky1's 'What's Up TV', has supported MOBO Winner Akala's 'Richard ii' Tour, in addition to performing for 1500+ executives in corporate shows, and numerous shows throughout the UK. With his incessant desire to be heard and amplify the voices of others, Lion Heart is destined for a great future, one that'll impact the lives of those he interacts with.

Matt Forde

Labour-advisor turned stand-up comedian Matt Forde hosts the critically acclaimed monthly live topical stand up show ‘Matt Forde’s Political Party’ atLondon’s St James Theatre. Performing to a mixture of politicos and the politically inquisitive, Matt has brought Parliament to life with his stand-up and debate with some of the Government’s most notorious figures, including George Galloway, Nigel Farage, Jack Straw, Lembit Opik, Charles Clarke, Matthew Parris and Tim Loughton. Also available to download as a podcast from iTunes and with over 25,000 followers on Soundcloud, The Political Party has been picked as the Daily Telegraph’s podcast of the week and has hit the top spot on the iTunes comedy chart.

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London Uk, United Kingdom