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Theme: Make The posibilities of The future!

This event occurred on
June 27, 2014
7:00pm - 10:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Peralada, Girona, Girona (ca)

“What is possible?”                                                                                                                                                                                     
In order to know what is possible, we need to know where we came from, how and why? We go back into the world of the druids. The old roman routes, the classical wisdom to get to know better our body and soul. We live in one of the best areas of the world: what is this quality or secret of the good life? What has this Alt Emporda for value to the world? What has a traditional region to teach us? What are villages and why do we move to cities? Can tourism improve the life of many?        How can we find energy and passion for creating good lives? How can we develop this further in the future for our kids. We are now organizing education, business, media on very old presumptions. We act, think and feel as if we live in the coal and steel age. We think we are rational but we are more corporal or emotional. How can we change? And how important is our body for a meaningful life? What if nano end grafeen gives an opportunity for a total new view on building, constructing and energy. What if biotech creates completely new sort of bodies? Above all, can we understand the world of internet and programming that is deciding our lives or are we dummies in this high tech environment? So we need passion to rise out of a life of consumerism and passivity, we need intelligence to know how and we need strong, new ways of collaborative thinking to create new horizons .We need each other to dialog, to create new meanings to lift ourselves out of the comfort zone , to design from scratch, with passion! An evening of learning yourself into the future! If you want to learn out of the box and be part of this event, register FAST (only 100 seats)
“What is possible?”

Centre de Turisme Cultural Sant Domènec
Plaça de la Peixateria, 6
Peralada, Girona, Girona (ca), 17491
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Peralada, Spain