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Theme: A one and a two

This event occurred on
April 13, 2014
1:00pm - 5:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

This theme is the same as the movie named" Yi Yi: A one and a two" which depicts the life of all sorts of a family. Before playing jazz musicians improvise , always whispered counting "a one and a two and a ......" to set the rhythm , like the life of a song playing jazz music . "

By the significance of this theme, we being in the background of the times , and to think about the relationship between the individual, the individual life and times.
Not just a one can have two , as the eternal philosophy statement said, but all will agree in one.

In fact , we are exploring every one of us own .

Ningbo Science Exploration Center
No.1800 Ningchuan Road, Jiangdong District
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Xin An

Anita, born after 1990, is a founder and CEO of “New Road Experiencing Education” which focuses on experiencing education’s social innovation. When 22 years old, she collected money by selling self-made DIY postcards and finished her one-year travel across 6 countries. During her journey, she took part in 8 voluntary service programs and opened 2 columns in magazines. She wrote a 130,000-word book and filmed 5-episode documentaries and planned and organized one-month speech conference in colleges across 8 cities. She was awarded “2012 promising people in Asia” and one of “man of 2012 the year” in Renren (Facebook in China).

Hongyu Chen

The founder of Hangzhou Maker Technology Co.,Ltd He set up “cocprint” after he back from America, and keens on introducing 3D printing into our daily lives. Hongyu was the first person that makes 3D portrait photography available in China, and now he is exploring digital manufacturing and 3D digital data processing.

Zuitun Bao

Born in Zhejiang Province in 1970. Settled in Singapore currently. Studied in Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanyang Technological University,East China Normal University and other universities. Worked as the shoe factory manager, teacher, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and other jobs. Used ‘Bao Zuitun’as pen name to open his blog in Bullog since 2008. Used other pen names to write articles in overseas Chinese websites before 2008.

Hanzhang Wu

Wu Hanzhang, graduated from Fudan University is chairman of the Science Technology Service Center for the Elderly, founded over 10 years ago. Here are those old kids: A group of old kids, aged over 65, they held an nostalgic party at 30000 feet ona chartered plane, sang and danced in the Caruso Theatre in Costa, and marched for 1500 kilometers in 256 hours ob the snow-covered plateau, reaching an altitude of 5139 meters. These, are the bunch of fashionable and happy old kids on

Jiaxin Liang

A scholar of Psychology who was born in Guangzhou. She studied seven years in psychology and became a membership of Songshuhui-Association of Science Communicators. Writing, translation, holding scientific activities was the way Keledoll popularize psychology, and also she is the person who generalized Zimbardo’s in China. Keledoll is also a social entrepreneur; she has an intern experience in The United Nations in China;She takes responsibility for “Verified”and “islibrary”; She organized pretty well innovation activities.

Tao Zhou

Since childhood, Tao Zhou had found his love for nature and determined to become a natural scientist. Studied fundamental science in the National Base Class for Biology in the Lanzhou University for four years, he was recommended for his academic excellence to admit to a joint course for master and doctor degrees at the Institute of Neurological Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He then worked in Hailan Hu’s laboratory and conducted research in emotion-related brain neural circuit and molecular basis of emotion-related diseases such as depression. In August 2013, his research result that revealed the brain neural circuit and molecular basis of patients with depression was published on ‘Science’, an internationally renowned academic journal. Media including CCTV, Dragon TV and Shenzhen TV also made a series of coverage on this research.

Baihua Guda

A sns star, talk show video maker and translator.

Wencang Tao

Born in 1972, is a professional in advertising. He grew up in the ancient city of Ningbo by the Moon Lake side near the Tianyi Pavilion. The particular cultural atmosphere in the area of Tianyi Pavilion nurtured his fascination for local culture, history, pottery, porcelain, calligraphy, painting, ancient metals and stone tablets, which led to his later devotion to the collection of ancient bricks with inscriptions in his spare time. He is one of the founders of ‘N-dimension Ningbo’, a group collects and studies old pictures of Ningbo, and a member of the Association of Collectors of Haishu District.

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