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Theme: Walk the Talk

This event occurred on
July 6, 2014
10:00am - 6:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Kochi, Kerala

The land of mystics.
The land of scientists.
A land with the most aesthetic artistry.
A land of brilliant economists.
The largest democracy, having over 7 million people who celebrate over 700 festivals, belonging to 70 different religions, and speak a multitude of tongues.

There is diversity and variance blossoming at every nook and corner of our country. Call it disparity or disproportion or an enticing assortment.
This diversity is embodied by you and me.

We pride ourselves in our distinctive identity.
Then why the rising urge to be tediously ordinary?
The desperation to fit your dreams within the rigid conventions.
to want what everyone wants.
to listen to everyone but your true self.

Aren’t you tired of hearing that you can't do it!

Why is it so difficult to believe in yourself?
Why do you hesitate and not be brave enough to follow that path, which promises nothing but a YOUR life. It might not be as per the law of the land. But it will be truly yours. It’s not enough to have a dream, you need to protect it and fight for it.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to be able write your own story?

There are so many who've written their own stories.
Now it’s you who should come forth with yours.
Don't just dream and talk.
Do the walk.

Let the world follow you.
The world is ready. The time is now.
Give them something worth following.

Taj Malabar
Vivanta ByTaj - Malabar
Willingdon Island
Kochi, Kerala, 682009
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Organizing team


Kochi, Kerala, India
  • Safal Kammuruddin
  • Binu George
    Content Writer
  • Lakshmi Unnikrishnan
  • Cindy Mathew
  • Samir Zachariah