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This event occurred on
September 25, 2010
12:00am - 12:00am UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

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Badreddine Ouali

Before founding and managing BFI,1993-2001, he was France Managing Director of DIAGRAM (then part of France Telecom group, later acquired by Reuters), managing a profit centre of 300 people with US $30 Million turnover. He was also responsible for product strategy for the whole of Europe ranging from trading room, front and middle office, as well as asset and liability management and global banking solutions. He supported the creation Diagram subsidiaries in Spain and in Portugal, 1988-1993. click to watch the talk He was a consultant in charge of developing and implementing a fund management product in 25 financial institutions, while working for McDonnell Douglas Information Systems, 1986-1988. He is currently the Chairman of VERMEG GROUP (Since 2002): This company provides software solutions and added value services to financial institutions. (VERMEG GROUP has 50 clients (Custodians and Asset Managers) in 15 countries, including Grupo Santander, SG Group (SGGS & BHFM), Bank de France, ABSA (Barclays Group), Nordea, Bangkok Bank, Aviva, Groupama…). He is CEO of Oddo Research Institute and Member of the High Level Committee for Science and Technology.

Mohamed Ali Ben Temessek

Mohamed Ali Ben Temessek is specialized in marine biology graduated of French schools. Senior Engineer, he is currently the head of department of environment and marine reserves in the Tunisian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. During his career of 17 years, he evolved into various positions of responsibility ranging from large aquaculture units in France, Greece and Tunisia to the current position. He was also responsible for managing, monitoring and implementation of many projects in the areas of marine biodiversity, remarkable marine ecosystems and coastal climate change, in the fight against marine pollution and the ecotourism. He has participated in major events and international and intergovernmental meetings organized by the highest authorities in particular those within the United Nations and the European Commission.

Essma Ben Hmida

Essma Ben Hamida holds a university degree in geography and history (University of Tunis) and one post-graduate year in urban planning (University of Paris). Prior to her career in microfinance, Ms. Ben Hamida worked as a journalist/reporter in Tunisia, New York, Rome and Geneva and as a consultant for the United Nations. In 1995, Ms. Ben Hamida launched, with Michael Cracknell, the first microfinance institution in Tunisia. With 130 000 active clients, a TDN 60 million outstanding portfolio, 60 branches, and staff of 750, enda is a financially self-sufficient institution and was ranked 21st out of the top 100 MFIs in the world by the MIX market. Ms. Ben Hamida is a founding member of Sanabel, and was elected twice to Sanabel's Board (2002 - 2008) serving as chairperson from December 2005 to May 2008. She has twice been decorated by the President of Tunisia (Officer of the Order of the Republic in July 2006 and the 20th anniversary of the new Republic in November 2008).

Tarek Cheniti

Tarek Cheniti is a researcher in governance and sustainable development at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society of the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Graduated from the same institution, he held early in 2010 a doctoral thesis on the theme of global governance of internet. His research area is the relationship between the governance of science and technology and human development. Before starting his doctoral program, he was a consultant to the United Nations during the process of World Summit on the Information Society. He also worked for the European Commission, The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Red Cross Societies and Red Crescent Societies. Alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science (2002), his master's memory has focused on the use of smart cards as a tool for surveillance and counterterrorism. He also holds an MA in international trade and payments of IHEC of Carthage (2001).

Nébil Karoui

After attending "sup de co" in Marseilles, Nébil Karoui began his professional career in 1991 at Canal Horizon before creating in 1996 with his brother Ghazi their own communications agency that will be required later as leader sector in the region. Organized as a holding company, "Karoui & Karoui World" is so far the first and only integrated group of media and communication in the Maghreb (advertising, display, interactivity, and TV production). Nébil is the CEO since 2007 Nessma, Télé Grand Maghreb, which joined the group Mediaset and Quinta Communications by Tarak Ben Ammar.

Zied Mhirsi

He studied medicine in Tunis, Public Health in Beirut (AUB) and Global Health at the University of Washington (UW). Zied Mhirsi is a young Tunisian and has an original path that can inspire many. Globe trotter, blogger, and enthusiasts of new technologies, Zied Mhirsi looks at the world with curious eyes full of optimism. Young student, he engaged in community work and is interested primarily in the fight against AIDS and diseases that affect the poorest. Once a doctor, he decided to pursue this path that will lead to Lebanon, Sudan and other African countries. Today, he teaches Global Health University of Washington, USA and continues to travel the world on official mission to strengthen and upgrade the health systems of countries devastated by the HIV / AIDS.

Slim Amamou

Slim Amamou is 33 years old, married and has child. He is a computer programmer, entrepreneur and blogger. He co-founded the web agency AlphaStudios in 1999 and ALIXSYS in 2008 as a web services company for business. His writings focus on the modalities and mechanisms for the emergence of new global society of the Internet. He is also known for his positions against censorship and intellectual property and fights for the neutrality of the Internet.

Cyril Rimbaud

At 37 years, Cyril has had a great career based entirely on digital, while continually exploring new paths (Multimedia and image, New Technologies and Educational Sciences, Artificial Intelligence). He began his career in 1995 creating edutainment CDRoms and the first websites of the game publisher Ubisoft, while authoring Les-Ours, one of the first french webzine. After an experience in Africa as Media Advisor to the RFI Comoros, he joined the Parisian interactive agency [@ BaBeL STaL] in 1998. Passionate about design and user centered ergonomics, he works on the design and conception of portals, community websites and other e-commerce platforms. In the same time, he creates to joke about the new economy. In 2004, he became Internet technologies consultant for BNP Paribas and others brands, before joining definitely the world of advertising agencies from 2006. He is currently co-founder of Curiouser, a laboratory study and experimentation of phenomena and populations for digital brands. He is also blogger on, where he defends his views on the new paradigm of advertising and the vital evolution of brands to listen to their consumers and evolve.

Olfa Youssef

Dr. Youssef Olfa is PhD in literature, language and Arab civilization. She is a professor at the University of Tunis, author of academic and essayist. She has hosted several TV shows in the area of social, cultural and spiritual. She is interested in religious thought in its spiritual significance and has addressed the issue of women in Islam. Her main research methods are linguistics and psychoanalysis. She's currently Executive Director of the National Library of Tunisia.

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