x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Not Invented Here

This event occurred on
April 19, 2014
10:00am - 5:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
San Jose, California
United States

Come join us Saturday, April 19th at TEDxSunnyvale!

Watch, discuss, and participate.

THEME: “Not Invented Here”

Living in Silicon Valley we’re proud of all the wonderful inventions from our schools and our startups. But we don’t have an exclusive on inventiveness. Many things are invented elsewhere, or were first invented a long time ago. Sometimes things are discovered instead of invented, or things just emerge. Where else do great ideas come from and what are some of their stories?


There are over 1,700 TED talks up on, and over 30,000 talks from TEDx events. TEDxSunnyvale exists to bring some of the best of those talks together with passionate people to view and to ignite discussion.


So while we have live attendees, we won’t have live speakers. We’ll watch together and talk about what we’ve seen. We’ll network and meet new people.


Our event is structured just like any other TEDx event – with a Theme, and Sessions of talks lasting roughly an hour and a half. But in our event all the talks will be watched together on video, taken from both the TED and TEDx archives. By taking this lower-key approach to a TEDx event, we’re able to keep the costs very low, and we’re able to hold multiple events in a year.


We keep the process of attending simple and casual. We ask only that you plan to be an active participant at the event.

There is limited free parking available, first-come, first served. There is free WiFi.

We’ll have coffee and bagels in the morning. At lunchtime we’ll get food nearby and bring it back to eat together.


We have a seat available for you! Please register so we can save it for you!

Registration is open now.
(We ask for an optional $5 contribution to help defray costs of refreshments.)

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How many of you have ever contemplated becoming a farmer, and growing all your own food? Did you ever consider what you’d do when your expensive tractor kept breaking?

When Marcin Jakubowski was faced with this challenge, he innovated.

What is TEDxSunnyvale?

TEDxSunnyvale is a locally organized event that operates under a license from the TED Conference. We follow the TED format of short, impactful talks.

We support all Bay Area TEDx Events:

We add another dimension to TED in the Bay Area, and another way to participate and contribute to the greater TEDx and TED communities. We encourage people to attend all the local TEDx events. We keep a list of upcoming TEDx events, and a few other events of special note, at

April Event Full Playlist

Derek Sivers How To Start A Movement

Dong Woo Jang The Art of Bow-Making

Arunachalam Muruganantham How I Started a Sanitary Napkin Revolution!

Beardyman The Polyphonic Me

Steven Johnson Where Good Ideas Come From

Kathryn Schulz On Being Wrong

(many people) Dog-Town and Z-Boys Excerpt

Louie Schwartzberg Hidden Miracles of the Natural World


Usman Ruiz & Preston Reed A Young Guitarist Meets His Hero

Fabian Oefner Psychedelic Science

Paul Stamets 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

Michael Pawlyn Using Nature’s Genius

Woody Norris Hypersonic Sound and Other Inventions

William Kamkwamba On Building A Windmill

Derek Sivers Keep Your Goals to Yourself

Thai Life Ad Unsung Hero


WIlliam Kamkwamba How I Harnessed The Wind

Charles Leadbeater The Era of Open Innovation

Carmen Agra Deedy Once Upon A Time, My Mother...

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Organizing team


Sunnyvale, CA, United States
  • Dave Land
    Director of Web Technology
  • Srivatsav Kunchakarra
    Director of Engineering
  • Colin Jaramillo
    Director of Archaeology
  • Gail Haspert
    Director of Communications