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Theme: Finding Fortune

This event occurred on
September 10, 2014
12:00am - 10:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

Join us on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 for the second TEDxBern. Bringing together creative, innovative and inspiring speakers from the region, TEDxBern is a platform for discussion and new ideas.

Native and adopted Bernese working in academia, economics, art and culture will tell their stories, present their ideas and share their knowledge in the new Gurten Pavilion.

Pavillon Gurten
Wabern, 3084
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Thomas Sterchi

Thomas Sterchi co-founded the publishing house Job-Index in 1994 and the online job portal, He later launched Tom Talent Holding AG, which now has offices in both Switzerland and Germany. The company works on projects in media, entertainment and gastronomy, including Zermatt Unplugged.

Thierry Carrel

Thierry Carrel is Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and a professor at the Berne University Hospital. Iin 2006, he also became Head of the Heart Surgery Center Basel -Bern. Throughout his career, he has conducted more than 10,000 operations and published more than 500 scientific articles.

Olivia Romppainen-Martius

Which processes result in extreme weather events and what are the implications of climate change for Switzerland? These questions are at the heart of Olivia Romppainen's research as an assistant professor for climate change impacts at the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Berne.

Nicole Loeb

What is it like to be the sixth generation running the family business? Or to have your name associated with the most famous meeting point in the city? As standing director of Loeb, one of Switzerland’s most renowned department stores, Nicole Loeb is well versed in the topics of management, family and maintaining tradition.

Marcel Oetiker

Marcel Oetiker comes from the Swiss folk tradition. He has performed weekly since childhood and was classically trained. He plays a variety of genres; with "e-folk music," he is present in the popular scene, he works as a jazz academic and is a contemporary composer. His primary instrument has always remained the Schwyzerörgeli.

Simon Hari

In six years, King Pepe (Simon Hari) has set the trend for music in dialect. He has created his own genre, Pepejazz, collaborated with bands such as Lex Rex, and enjoyed success on the commercial charts. At TEDxBern, he will perform solo, bringing his childhood cassette player for an amusing but powerful performance.

Kathrin Altwegg

Kathrin Altwegg has three children: two daughters and ROSINA, an orbiter on board the European Space Agency's comet research mission, Rosetta. The project recently began delivering the results after being in cruise phase for 10 years. Now, Kathrin and the Uni Bern Physics Institute receive & analyze data from more than 400 million km away.

Katherine Hermens

Expect resistance if you are trying to change the status quo. Katherine Hermens knows this only too well. Katherine runs Global Changemakers, an organization that empowers young people to bring about real change in their communities. With 1,000 young social activists in 128 countries, the program benefits over 4 million people.

Jürg Wyss & Mike Glauser

In 2006, Jürg Wyss and Mike Glauser began producing and distributing classic delicatessen. The farmer and cheese maker work with local Piedmonteser cattle and cheese made by Glauser’s extended family. Their international star product is the Belper Knolle. In 2012, the Jumi team was honored at the Swiss Economic Award.

João Almeida

After completing his MSc in Sustainable Development in Basel, João Almeida launched three sister organizations which focus on issues surrounding food waste, packaging and sustainability. At present he runs Refiller, a network dedicated to reusable packaging, the online platform and Foodways Consulting GmbH.

Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen

Despite debate and sometimes even controversy, direct democracy is a crucial part of Switzerland's identity. But does it make people happy? Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen, Assistant Professor for Comparative Politics at the University of Bern, will inquire into this question.

Irene Hirzel

After many years as a social worker in the Basel red light district, Irene Hirzel is now project leader at COM, fighting against human trafficking of women and children, particularly in Eastern Europe and Nepal. She is also a member of the Swiss–Romanian group against human trafficking, led by the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

Helena von Känel von Känel

Helena von Känel acts as head of the Jansen PrimeSteps Foundation, which supports projects inline with "self for self-help." She is also co-founder of Rock your Life! Switzerland, a mentoring program for disadvantaged young people. The social entrepreneur studied Business Administration at the University of Berne.

Hannes Schmid

Since he began his career in the 1970s, photographer and artist Hannes Schmid has created an impressive collection, including images of the iconic American cowboy and bands such as Depeche Mode and AC/DC. In addition to photography, he works in film and installations and has been involved in charity projects for Pro Infirmis.

Fabian Kauter

Fabian Kauter Fabian Kauter Fabian Krauter has many talents. The 28-year old top fencer has won the European Championships four times and is also co-founder of I Believe In You, a crowdfunding website for sports projects. He has released several albums with the Bernese music group 6er Gascho and additionally performs solo under the artist name ”Yuri.”

Edy Portmann

How can information systems better understand and interact with us? By using natural language? These are questions Edy Portmann asks and researches in his role as an assistant professor of Information Science at the University of Berne. He is also a Heidelberg Laureate Forum elect, Marquis Who’s Who nominee and Springer Series editor.

Dara Sadun

"Even if I miss my family - home where I feel safe." Dara Sadun arrived in Switzerland in 2003 as a political refugee from Syria, where he had been persecuted and imprisoned. In the past eleven years, he has settled in Berne and started his own hair salon. His motto? "Never give up. There will always be a door that opens."

Bruno Bieri & Omri Hason

The joyful call of the Alps meets harmony; the alphorn becomes a singer. Bruno Bieri’s ‘Songs Without Words’ was the launching point for his vocal and percussion collaboration with Omri Hason. The virtuosity of the rhythm lets the vocals dance with a power that echos Mani Matter. A musical interlude fit for TEDxBern.

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