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This event occurred on
December 12, 2014
5:00pm - 8:00pm NOVT
(UTC +6hrs)
Tomsk, TOM

What do we choose: do we take on challenges and seek for new solutions or think and rely on previous and primitive mechanisms?

Avant-gardists of the 20th century showed us that simple visual forms can incorporate an intricate and fascinating world that cannot be discovered and understood through simplicity and clichés. Kazimir Malevich once wrote: «People always demand from art to be understandable but nobody tries to make their head think».

Benoit Mandelbrot’s fractal geometry is an ideal mathematical shape that showed society how short mathematical formula allows us to create the world full of intricate and stunning images.

How does the complexity of forms and simplicity of sounds, distinctiveness and rebelliousness make Jazz more and more popular in modern society? What stands behind apparent lightness and virtuosity of improvisers? Freedom of improvisation, life as unique way to complex rhythm…

Art of Computer Programming shows us, how operation with prime numbers gives the birth to complex programs. «Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming», says Brian Kernighan, computer scientist.

Speakers at TEDxTomsk «Simplicity vs Complexity» will tell about the beauty of complex mental structures and riskiness of primitive reasoning. Among them are microsurgeons - father and son; software programmer, who plays in one of the oldest logical games; research biologist who dips into cold and warm depths of seas all around the world; improvisers; historian and founder of memorial museum.

Tomsk, Russia
Tomsk, TOM
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Alexander Semenov

Scientist, underwater photographer, adventurer and the founder of Aquatilis Expedition. In 2007 graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Department of Biology, where he studied Invertebrate Zoology: invertebrate animals, with an emphasis on squid brains. He is the Head of the Divers’ team at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station. As a PADI Divemaster (No. 275426) Alexander has more than 700 cold water dives and few hundreds dives in the warmer seas all around the world. During 7 years has been actively involved in underwater photographing His main specialisation is scientific macro-photography in natural environment, invertebrate animals of White Sea. Alexander collaborates with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, Nature, Wired Magazine, Popular Science, The Daily Mail, CNN and etc.

Andrey and Vladimir Baytinger

Vladimir Baytinger is M. D., Professor, honored doctor of the Russian Federation. Founder and President of the first in Russia and CIS Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery «The Institute of microsurgery». Andrey Baytinger - doctor, deals with peripheral nerve surgery. Vladimir and Andrey run a wide range of complex surgical and plastic operations on limbs reconstruction, nerves transplantation, reconstruction of maxillofacial area skin tissues and microvascular operations. Both are organizers of annual charity event for children who has inherent maxillofacial defects.

Sergey Sevastyanov

Musician, fluteboxer, student of Tomsk Music College. Laureate and Prizewinner of regional and all-Russian music contests. Sergey goes in for music from 5 years old, he graduated from music school – class of flute. Flute beatboxing – is a new music genre, which combines flute playing and creation of rhythmic melodies (beatbox) using voice box and articulation of oral cavity organs.

Pavel Pristupa

Pavel is software programmer, plays in Go game (4 dan rank). Pavel is the informal leader of go-movement and the organizer of scheduled Go tournaments in Tomsk. Participates in the range of all-Russian and International Go Game Contests: team World Championship, Russian Championship, Russian Cup, Siberian Tournaments.

Anrey Inozemcev

Member of Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science at Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Anrey is art-director at jazz café «Underground», musician, producer, author of projects «All kind of jazz» and «Humans of Tomsk».

Vasilii Khanevich

Founder and Head of Memorial Museum of Political Repression History, co-chair of Tomsk Historical-Educational, Human Rights and Charity Society “Memorial”, the member of Pardon Board under governor of Tomsk region. Vasilii Khanevich academic interests are connected with the history of political repressions of the Soviet Union period, the history of Polish diaspora and roman catholic church in Siberia, regional ethnography, necropolis and genealogy.

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Tomsk, Russian Federation