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Theme: "Ensemble, construisons le monde de demain"

This event occurred on
May 3, 2014
2:00pm - 5:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées

“Together, let’s build the world of tomorrow”. This was the TEDxRueRémusat theme held during the afternoon of the 3rd of May 2014 in the beautiful Sénéchal room of Toulouse. According to you, why have this theme been tackled? In a world that doesn’t stop to evolve, it became essential to take care of our future. So many perspectives have not been explored yet. So many common threads have not been followed yet. Then the aim of such a theme is to give the possibility to everyone of us to access to the roots of new ideas. As Hemingway used to say talking about icebergs : "The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water".
Thus, many different subjects were approached so as to broaden the mind of the audience.
Some avant-gardist proposals were shared and reaffirmed: Simon Thorpes, CNRS researcher, defended the possibility to reform the taxation system of European countries as Adrien Anderson, merchant banker, reminded us that European Federalism could help us to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Far away from a purely Cartesian frame, the starred chef Stephane Tournié (restaurant de l’Opéra) drew our attention to our body health care and to our diet as well.
Some of our guests also reflected on Art. What kind of “contemporary music” should be composed for our century? This question was raised by the composer Hubert Evin. To what extent can liberty guide the movement? Teacher of Argentine Tango, Marina Carranza told us the story of this fabulous dance.
Some key fields specific to our time were studied again, such as the Cloud. Daniel Hagimont explained to us its possibilities and its dangers in more details. IT security became a subject that couldn’t be avoid and thus was tackled by a young and the really promising Phd student, Aymerick Savary.
When natural disasters and wars occur, when we need an urgent intervention, we need to rely on Humanitarian organizations. John Diska explained how the intervention runs through in the field. Yet, would anything of it exist if the natural and human balance were not pushed to their limits? “The excess” was the subject held by the Phd teacher in social law Marion Emeras. Her philosophical exploration will surprise you as it will make you like what’s beyond suspicion.
You shall have understood it, our TEDxRueRemusat gathered very diverse personalities and subjects. Then, don’t hesitate to listen to them and to join in, in your own way, this wonderful adventure of spreading ideas.

Rue Remusat
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
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Organizing team


Toulouse, France
  • Théophile Pajot
  • Lea Siebenbour