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This event occurred on
October 11, 2010
7:00pm - 7:00pm -05
(UTC -5hrs)

The concept we gave for TEDxBogota is Colombia Paradigm Shift.

Our vision is to start a movement that help us in the transformation of ourselves and the country from a scarcity paradigm to an abundance one.

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Maria Antonieta Solorzano

Curator committee member. Introductory talk (5min) to frame the public's expectations versus what will happen in the event and second place showing the paradigm that has built the world as we know and invite them for a short time to live the adventure change of paradigm (paradigm of abundance).

Pablo Francisco Arrieta

Architect by training, reader Since a little kid, designer by vocation. Paul Has Been Involved in digital design and web development as early as 1995, always based in historical homeland Colombia, pero after Being selected by Macromedia (later Adobe) and Wacom as local Their presenter I've Been Around South America Introducing designers to the latest tools . Teacher Since 1998, Paul runs His own training facility (CD Monitor) and is an university professor in Both Universidad Javeriana and Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá. Since 2008 I've Been an active participant in the evolution of the Spanish language publishing world. He has lectured at events like TOCFrankfurt, Vivamérica Festival (Spain), International Fair of Guadalajara (Mexico), Ephorus Publidisa (Spain), XXVIII National Livraria Convenção (Brazil), Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA) in England, Bolivian Chamber of book, Macromedia User Group (Buenos Aires), official Presenter Apple Real Solutions in Latin America Tour (Macromedia inc.)

Juliana Restrepo Tirado

is, since 2008, the Director of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. For ten years he devoted to the world of communications, mobile technology and the Internet, through experience in companies such as Web Crearium, Starmedia Network, Mobile Solutions Cyclelogic and Casa Editorial El Tiempo, where he served as a producer of From the direction of MAMM, has been at the forefront of the regeneration of this area of town as a cultural center for the meeting and surprise which take place many artistic and cultural expressions. Today it faces the challenge of reviewing the role that an institution dedicated to contemporary art is in a country like Colombia and in a big city like Medellín with social problems, and implement creative and real actions from the Museum to support strategies to transform the city from the culture.

Claudio Arango

Visual Designer. Study in the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, and Visual Design at the State Institute of Art in Florence, Italy. He was president of the Colombian Association of Designers and Creative Circle Colombia, creative director and founding partner of advertising agency creative process, and director and founding partner of the company specializing in visual identity, gondola SA Today is a founding partner and CEO of branding firm Brandingdang SA Has directed projects for brand strategy and visual identity for companies such as Drummond, Bayer, Fenalco, Banco Popular, Fedearroz, Noel, Colmena, Bavaria, Juan Valdez, the Attorney General's Office, Servibanca, Olympic Alquería, Totto, Colombiana, Interbolsa , Postobón Auteco, Imus, Ica, Pavco, Archie's, Chaidneme and Bancamía among many others. A survey conducted by "Project Design", the largest design magazine in Colombia, chose the top ten symbols developed for national and international firms led by Claudio four Arango: The Farmhouse, Attorney General's Office, Juan Valdez and Ecogas.

Daniel Buritica

Founder and president of the Colombian Network of Youth "RECOJO" the first network of young social entrepreneurs in the country and which has carried the message of a socially responsible youth to over 9 countries. Shock Magazine selected as one of 15 young visionaries of Colombia and its work has been highlighted by national and international media. Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and recently earned a scholarship from the Phoenix Institute through which is majoring in social studies, political and economic advanced at the University of Notre Dame in the U.S.. Was chosen to represent the young volunteers from the board "IAVE", an international organization with members in over 70 countries. It is also Colombia's ambassador YOUNG ONE WORLD, called the Young Davos by the media, the first global convention for youth leaders. Currently, he is considered one of the youngest international speakers in the country.

Josefina Klinger

Women Nuki native African descent, a population of 2800 inhabitants in the middle of the Colombian jungle near the Pacific Ocean. Josefina finished high school, but for more than 20 years is a leader in your community, promoting the rights of the native inhabitants of that area, through an organization she founded that promotes sustainable community tourism in native peoples hands. They work under the concept: Tourism is not sustainable as the native populations have their basic needs unmet. Joseph leads the process of cultural development, organizing festivals that involve not only young people but the elderly in seeking to recover dynamic cultural traditions of African descent and indigenous peoples in the area. Thanks to the efforts of your organization today have management Utría National Park, one of the virgin forest reserve in Colombia more strategic.

Felipe Gomez Arbelaez

s Business Administration from the University of Los Andes in Bogota, with an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. Has been named 2 times as Outstanding Delegate to the World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs in Paris in 1998 and in New York in 2000, organized by United Nations and Harvard Leadership Institute. He has lectured on entrepreneurship and new technology applications in business, universities like Stanford, Darden School of Business, CESA and the University of Los Andes and international events in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, Argentina, Central America, Austria and Colombia.

Alejo Aponte

was born in Bogotá. In the mid-nineties, he decided to devote himself entirely to music with a particular interest: the drums. Made several trips to different towns and cities of Colombia, Cuba and Brazil, delving into the Latin American ethnic music. His search led him to meet older musicians, bearers of tradition and vast knowledge in the interpretation both of rhythms, songs and airs as indigenous to the Caribbean and the Pacific, where he was born a few years later, the root of his music. He has released two albums with his project Alejo Aponte & tinker, with whom he toured Europe and the United States its most recent production "People" was recorded in New York and was produced by Hector Castillo, whose credits include artists such as David Bowie, Bjork, Roger Waters, Cerati and Aterciopelados, amongst others. Has been a songwriter, co-producer and now director of Fonseca with whom he won a Billboard award for best tropical album of the year at the time by "Heart" is currently on tour with his project "People" USA 2010 with very good review by the press of that country.

Hnery Arteaga

Hip Hop artist who lived firsthand the violence of 90 in Medellin, considered the most dangerous in the world at the time. Henry is a master of the art of Break, MC and songwriter, is also one of the most recognized social leaders, respected and Medellín constant requests have gone beyond the city and have been heard in various parts of Colombia as a method of processing for country through culture. He leads the Association of Hip Hop Crew since 2002 Hazardous and runs a school with volunteer teachers than 6 days a week are instruct and encourage the Hip Hop culture to about 200 children and young people in vulnerable situations provided an offer of education from the street. Juanes was presented with the peace concert held in the districts of Medellín in which they were presented clashes between gangs in the past year.

Haidy Duque

Displaced by war camp, comes to one of the slums of Bogota without economic opportunities or family support. Today Haidy a member of the global network of social entrepreneurs as Ashoka and is certified ontological Caoch Newfield. Developed an alternative business model, which opened the possibility of very low-income families access to building materials such as flooring, tiles, sanitary facilities, from a credit model door to door to 30,000 homes has improved in a period of 3 years, this business model linked to private enterprise with the information and allows a group of 300 women in the community, have a monthly income above the minimum wage, women who by age and level of education had been excluded from the labor system and now are productive and contribute to the welfare of their families.

Little Tyrant Project.

Draft caricature created by Santiago Rivas, Santiago Rocha, Simon Wilches and Diego Lopez, who in the past three years in the Internet portal YouTube has grown from 100 visits to over 40 thousand. The cartoon has been the effective means of controversial statements to unmask reading frames and traditional media do not dare, and, above all, has been a way to continue making humor. "Ultimately the goal is to try to give strength to the citizen as a citizen, the act of doing the little tyrant quietly held for three years, is an act of stand up and say other things, to provide further reflection, is an exercise that each citizen could do. "

Infodipity Project

Rep. Juan David Casas. Electronic Engineer and Industrial Designer at the University of the Andes. Social entrepreneur and owner of Innu Information Networks, a company dedicated to interaction design and architecture. Interested in telecommunications project management and human interaction from the point of view of experience design. Innu want to turn on the interactive media company of the personal computer was Latin America's largest and able to take full advantage of technology, Internet and social networking to the streets. Infodipity is an ongoing project designed to enhance the experience of networking and connection of ideas for events, building an open platform that feeds on a wide range of data to create links between people and their projects and passions. Born to break the traditional forms of interaction and connection, supported by human experiences and enhanced by open data, technology and information visualization. In a world accustomed to timid, closed and inhibited interactions between strangers, this initiative comes as an invitation to share ideas to achieve them.

Ecosechas Project

is a project created by Christiaan Job Nieman (Industrial Designer at the University of The Hague) and Antonio Yemail (Industrial Designer and Architect of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana). For the event TEDxBogotá propose that the space is a platform for social interaction and civic action center. A facility that has the function of furniture, identity and participation. The project consists of an item that the visitor can take home: a gift from TEDxBogotá, which is also called to contribute individually to a collective good that is dispersed throughout the city. It consists of a bag full of seeds native of Bogota, attendees are born and grown in different parts of the city, the second instance, is a web platform, which is mapping the location of plants in the city and community is generated from a process of urban reforestation. This project was first performed at the opening of MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín) in November 2009 as winner of the international call Inter-Come.

Organizing team


Cali, Colombia
  • Maria Antonieta Solorzano
    Curator committee member
  • Miguel Silva
    Curator committee member
  • Gloria Cecilia Gomez
    Curator committee member
  • Laura Vargas
    Curator committee member
  • Juan Manuel Solorzano
    Curator committee member
  • Mariangela Rubbini
    Curator committee member
  • Angel Guarnizo
    Curator committee member
  • Angela Escallon
    Curator committee member
  • Lina Maria Diaz
    TEDxBogota Project Director
  • Mauricio Salazar
    Public Relation for TEDxBogota
  • Jorge Buendia
    TEDxBogota General Director