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This event occurred on
August 14, 2010
7:00am - 7:00am +07
(UTC +7hrs)
Ho Chi Minh City

Dear Idea,

My name is Saigon. I’ve grown up from war, and over the past decade, my economic growth has been quite compelling, compared with other cities in Vietnam, as well as neighboring countries - which is accompanied by increasing income inequalities, friction between consumption choices, difference in cultural identities, and loosened social ties.

However, as a young, dynamic and highly resilient city, I know I’m not alone in the midst of those mega-city questions. I’ve seen a diversity of people coming here—Vietnamese from all parts of Vietnam, non-Vietnamese who have become my friends, and Viet Kieu who now understand me more than I do. Most of them meet at the on-going dream of development. They carry it out using their own expertise, be it architecture, education, social work, media, or music…

We hope you’ll continue this letter by participating in TEDxSaigon. Let our speakers take you on an emotional and intellectual journey. Over the course of one afternoon, we invite you to think, take the opportunity to deliberate and collaborate with other prepared minds, and take actions on your dreams.

If all of that is not persuasive enough, think of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems: no closed logical system can stand alone. Core to Saigon’s culture is embracing your unique ideas and perspectives.

Welcome to the first ever TEDx event in Vietnam: TEDxSaigon 2010 — “Dream, Diversity and Development”.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Organizing team


Hcmc, Vietnam
  • Thanh-Thuy Nguyen
    Chief Curator
  • Mai-Linh Bui
  • Giao Vu
    Content & Operations Manager