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Theme: Cooperation - Exchange - Change

This event occurred on
November 7, 2013
6:00pm - 9:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Gdynia, Pomorskie

TEDxGdynia 2013 is all about discussions the issues covering wide aspects of being active and communicative “Cooperation, Exchange, Change". The general idea is to take under consideration the sequence of motto and consider what is first and what pushes to action. We all live in the very dynamic environment, the world changes are very rapid regarding technology, information, environment and people themselves. There are changes that we don’t influence and others created by us and implementing new structures, new flows in different topics. Taking the time into consideration it’s not easy to reflect what was first – or the common meeting of people with passion has started the new project or maybe the idea was first and attracted individuals? Our goal is to present different points of view, try to research and define the relations between three topic words – cooperation, exchange, change. What pushes us to action, what is first and how it changes regarding different ideas and projects. Gdynia is the modern city with inspiring and very open community and this year we would like to give the possibility to hear and learn from diverse range of speakers.
Subjects that we have in our agenda covers matters of:
1. How the long time journey can change the perspective towards business issues and how new technologies allows people to do their work from very different parts and even from “the end of the world”. About the awareness that each journey’s decision can lead to start from the very beginning but still is the best education and experience for the lifetime
2. Innovative ways to join passion towards new technology, ecology and teaching – society, education and business for creation and use of hydroponic gardens, green walls, vertical gardens and quadrocopters
3. The recipe how to change life realizing passions and friendship – the story of innovative business of furniture design and passion to share creative solutions through blog that began in fiscal department and hydro power plant
4. Theory and practice of Design for All, how we can use design as the tool for promotion not only goods and services but also for regions and investments in new technologies and creative industry
5. About one thing that is certain and that's the change - should we prepare for it, is the competency to adapt for the change crucial in our world?

Pomeranian Science & Technology Park
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Gdynia, Pomorskie, 81-451
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Gdynia, Poland
  • Eliza Mrozowska
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