x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
November 10, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am CET
(UTC +1hr)
Nova Gorica

From curiosity to ideas & action!
Our second TEDxNovaGorica event was all about bringing fresh, new and important ideas from variety of fields into our local community. We wanted to bring people together and induce curiosity for the unknown, stimulate conversation, further exploration, and action.

Rejčeva ulica 1 B
Nova Gorica, 5000
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Ranko Rajović

Dr. Ranko Rajović is a specialist of internal medicine, master of neuroendocrinology and neurophysiology. He is a member of UNICEF, the founder of Mensa in several countries and the author of the program NTC learning system, which is based on the use of neurophysiology and pedagogy. This program has been implemented in 15 countries across Europe. Its goal is to use games to appropriately stimulate the development of children. Early childhood is the period when most of the patterns of thinking, deduction and integration are developed and precisely the development of functional thinking is important for the way we think and learn in the rest of our lives.

Rok Kete

Rok Kete is a first year high school student at Veno Pilon High School in Ajdovščina. For the last three years he has been working on airport and space architecture projects. He works on his projects in cooperation with architect Nejc Trošt. He has already finished two innovations in this field and the development of two more are still in progress. He won two gold awards for his projects in »Children for Future« contest. His innovations were noticed by some scientists, who were impressed. He's got so many ideas that some of them are still waiting to be realized.

Miha Blažič

Miha Blažič aka N'Toko is known as technically most defined Slovenian rapper that creates beyond the typical rapping frames. As a musician he drew lots of attention in 2003 for winning an award for the best Slovenian freestyler. He is a member of a music group named Moveknowledgement. N'toko's independent album Love Parade is one of the most insightful critiques of our society. In 2011, he started to write socially engaged texts and participate in public discussions

Uroš Robič

Uroš Robič is a graduate engineer of forestry. He received The Prešeren's Award for students for his thesis. He is a man of many interests. Among other things he's involved in workshops for children, in which he applies the idea of forest pedagogics: the woods become a creative and learning space. After graduation he searched for a job in many different fields. Set of circumstances brought him to work as a garbage collector. On the field, he saw first hand how we deal with waste. He realized that nobody knows exactly how to sort garbage in a sustainable and effective way. He wanted to make a research into this problematic and share the results with public. That is how the intriguing documentary film entitled "Plastik fantastik" came to life.

Marko Peljhan

Marko Peljhan is a theater and radio director, conceptual artist and researcher. He lives in Slovenia, the US and Latvia and works globally. Since 1994 he's been coordinating the project Makrolab in all its dimensions, he's the co-founder of the laboratory Ljudmila and the co-founder of initiatives like I-TASC and Arctic Perspective Initiative. He's currently a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the program manager of artistic and scientific projects at UCIRA (University of California Institute of Research in the Arts), the artistic director at the Zavod Projekt Atol and the coordinator for international collaborations at The Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies, SPACE-SI, On the radio scene he's known as S54MX. He's also the co-founder and CEO of the high tech company C-ASTRAL.

Jedert Vodopivec

Assoc. prof. Dr. Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič is a chemist, a conservator, a restaurateur and a leader of the Sector for restoration and conservation at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. At the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, she is habilitated for book studies. She has been focused on parchment and paper, on typology of older book bindings and study of paper ageing mechanisms. Recently she has taken part in conservation and restoration of Dalmatian's Bible.

Hanna Preuss

Hanna Preuss works as a composer, sound director and multimedia artist on many different theatre, intermedia, cinema and dance projects in Slovenia and abroad. She established the concept of sonorous theatre and in the year 2006 she founded Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts, a center for the exploration, creation, development and promotion of sound arts and related disciplines. She also researches physiological and psychological effects of sound, sonorous act in space and visual phenomena related to the sound.

Angelo Vermulen

Angelo Vermeulen is an artist, biologist, space systems researcher, and community organizer. In his work he ties together technological, ecological, and social systems through group engagement and collaboration. 'Biomodd' is one of his most well-known art projects and consists of a worldwide series of interactive art installations in which computers and ecology coexist. In 2009 he launched 'Space Ecologies Art and Design (SEAD)', a platform for artistic research on the architectures and ethics of space colonization. 'Seeker' is one of the resulting projects involving co-created spaceship sculptures that evolve over time. He is a member of the European Space Agency Topical Team Arts & Science (ETTAS), and was the Crew Commander of the NASA-funded 2013 HI-SEAS Mars simulation in Hawaii. His space-related work led him to start a new PhD at Delft University of Technology, developing paradigm-shifting concepts for evolvable starships.

Organizing team


Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • Anja Lazar
  • Manja Skočir
  • Mojca Madon
  • Jure Mavrič
  • Eva Konič
  • Janja Križaj
  • Ana Skolaris