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Theme: Life at Pompei

This event occurred on
June 20, 2015
8:00pm - 11:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Pompei, NA, Campania

Life at Pompeii
Outliers. Revolutionaries. Dreamers. Changemakers.
When Innovation Blossoms in Unexpected Lands.

Archeological Site, Grand Theatre
Via dell’Abbondanza
Pompei, NA, Campania, 80045
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Alberto Angela

paleontologist and scientific popularizer.
Alberto Angela accompanied his father, Italian TV announcer Piero Angela, on his trips ever since he was a child, something that allowed him to learn many European languages and to acquire a cosmopolitan culture. After being a student in France, he enrolled in a course of Natural Sciences at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, finally graduating with 110/110 and a prize for his thesis. He also studied at multiple American universities, where he took courses of specialisation from Harvard, Columbia and UCLA and further focused on palaeontology and paleoanthropology. Once out of university he started working in the research field participating in paleoanthropologic digs in various places in the world, among which Zaire, Ishango, Tanzania, Olduvai and Laetoli, Sultanate of the Oman, Mongolia, and the desert of the Gobi.

Alberto Cottica

Civic Hacker

Arturo Brachetti

Performer, actor, director
The greatest quick-change artist in the world

Gastone Garziera

co-creator of P101, the first personal computer
Gastone Garziera is an Italian engineer and computer scientist. He collaborated in the design of the Programma 101 and its successors P203 and P6060 .

Giovanni Caturano

Creator of videogames
CEO of SpinVector

Giulio Vita

Founder of La Guarimba
Creador de @La_Guarimba | #ScuolaGuarimba | Devolviendo el cine al pueblo y el pueblo al cine

Ilaria Capua

Open Scientist
Veterinary expert. 2012 - Gordon Memorial Medal (UK) for her distinguished contributions to veterinary science; 2011 - Penn Vet World Leadership in Animal Health Award from the University of Pennsylvania (USA); 2008 - Revolutionary Mind by Seed magazine for her leadership role in sharing information internationally; 2007 - Scientific American 50, awarded annually to the world's top 50 researchers.

Malika Ayane

Malika Ayane is an italian pop singer.

Regina Catambrone

Humanitarian globetrotter
Founder & Spokesperson of Moas

Roberto Saviano

Author of "Gomorra" make the case for happiness

Stefano Mosconi

Jolla co-founder
Jolla co-founder

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Rome Italy, Italy
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