Tina Arrowood

Scientist, engineer
By combining science, circular thinking and disruptive innovation, Tina Arrowood helps envision a world in which fresh river water is not scarce, but well-managed.

Why you should listen

Tina Arrowood understands that water is the world’s most valuable resource -- and one of the most finite. Her knowledge and expertise fuels her desire to drive effective water management strategies forward and inspires her to innovate breakthrough solutions that promote water reuse and recycling. Alongside her colleagues at DuPont Water Solutions, Arrowood -- a PhD Physical Organic Chemist and Principal Research Scientist -- focuses on her energy and passion to advance membrane technologies that enable wastewater to be converted into clean water sources used for a wide-range of applications. 

In 2016, Arrowood's team commercialized the first series of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements designed to address wastewater challenges. With the award-winning FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ element portfolio continuing to make waves in the industry to minimize water discharge, Arrowood is now focused on mitigating the threat salt poses to water systems. She continues to teach industrial water users around the world about her findings. While doing so, she gathers insight on new and emerging water treatment challenges that help inform and shape membrane research and development.

Tina Arrowood’s TED talk