Shantell Martin forges new connections between fine art, education, philosophy and technology to establish an environment that values artists as integral contributors to a healthy society.

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Shantell Martin's explorations of intersectionality, identity, connection and artistic accessibility break the barriers between artist and audience. During her two-year tenure as an MIT Media Lab Visiting Scholar, she created a large-scale wall installation to explore how visual and computerized storytelling might influence media and technology innovation.

Using drawing as a foundation, Martin creates sketches, large-scale murals, live drawings and collaborations with artists and institutions including Kendrick Lamar, the New York City Ballet and Puma. Her solo exhibition NEW/NOW opens at the New Britain Museum of Art in 2020.

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Live from TED2020

Ways of seeing: Notes from Session 3 of TED2020

June 4, 2020

Session 3 of TED2020, hosted by TED’s head of curation Helen Walters and writer, activist and comedian Baratunde Thurston, was a night of something different — a night of camaraderie, cleverness and, as Baratunde put it, “a night of just some dope content.” Below, a recap of the night’s talks and performances. In a heartfelt […]

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