Marc Goodman works to prevent future crimes and acts of terrorism, even those security threats not yet invented.

Why you should listen

Marc Goodman imagines the future crime and terrorism challenges we will all face as a result of advancing technologies. He thinks deeply about the disruptive security implications of robotics, artificial intelligence, social data, virtual reality and synthetic biology. Technology, he says, is affording exponentially growing power to non-state actors and rogue players, with significant consequences for our common global security. How to respond to these threats? The crime-fighting solution might just lie in crowdsourcing.

Goodman heads the Future Crimes Institute, a think tank and clearinghouse that researches and advises on the security and risk implications of emerging technologies. He also serves as the Global Security Advisor and Chair for Policy and Law at Singularity University.

What others say

“Moore’s Law moves fast, Goodman points out, while statute progresses like molasses. In between lies a huge potential for economic growth and public good — or stagnation, discord, and collapse.” — Ted Greenwald on

Marc Goodman’s TED talk

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November 21, 2013

Marc Goodman
 is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and chair for Policy, Law and Ethics at Singularity University. At TEDGlobal in Edinburgh in 2012, Goodman shared a sobering look at the dark side of technology in his talk, “A vision of crimes in the future.” The TED Blog asked him to share his latest thinking on […]

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