Ivan Poupyrev

Scientist, inventor, designer
Ivan Poupyrev works at the forefront of interaction design, using technology as a raw ingredient to change the way we interact with the physical world.

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Ivan Poupyrev has invented, developed and brought to market a number of breakthrough technologies that allow for blending of digital and physical interactivity in devices and everyday analog objects.

Now Director of Engineering in Google ATAP, Poupyrev leads a team of designers and engineers who are inventing new technologies that will redefine how we interact with both our physical and digital lives.

In 2013, Fast Company recognized Poupyrev as one of the world's greatest interaction designers. His most recent work was acquired for the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.

Ivan Poupyrev’s TED talk

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Live from TED2019

Play: Notes from Session 9 of TED2019

April 18, 2019

The more we look, the more our digital and analog worlds are blending. What is this future we are entering? In Session 9 of TED2019, we peer into the thrilling, sometimes frightening, often hilarious world of technology. The event: Talks and tech demos from TED2019, Session 9: Play, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson […]

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