Angel Hsu is a professor and data geek who applies data-driven methods to solve challenging environmental issues.

Why you should listen

Angel Hsu's research strives to distill clear policy signals through an ever-growing expanse of messy environmental data. She connects the dots between climate science, policy and sustainability. Working between the push and pull of data science and public policy drives her to explore how new technologies, analytical techniques and communication strategies can improve governance and lead to better environmental outcomes -- particularly in rapidly developing countries like China, where much of her research has focused.

Hsu founded and directs the Data-Driven EnviroLab, an international team of interdisciplinary researchers, scientists, programmers and visual designers who work collaboratively around the world to create new knowledge and policy tools designed to make the world greener and healthier. She is a lead and contributing author to global climate assessments like the UN Environment Emissions Gap Report and the IPCC. She is driven to tackle climate change so her two young sons can live their fullest lives.

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