TEDWomen was an annual conference about the power of women to be creators and change-makers. The program of speakers, workshops, events — and daring discussions — sparked some of TED's most iconic moments. We launched TEDWomen in 2010 to amplify the dynamic work and ideas of women worldwide. Since then, we've produced more than 500 TEDWomen Talks with over 500 million views and bridged the gender gap across TED’s stages and platforms. We’re at a new chapter in our quest for change.

What’s next for TEDWomen?

TEDWomen is evolving into a brand new event: TEDNext, which marks a thrilling expansion of the TEDWomen mission. Going beyond gender, embracing new ideas and fresh voices from all communities to engage and inspire the next generation of change makers. TEDNext will allow the TEDWomen community to reach new realms of possibility and inclusion. It’s our pledge to a horizon that knows no bounds. Learn more about TEDNext

This expansion into TEDNext allows for a multiplication of perspectives that opens doors to all who are tirelessly working towards a brighter, more equitable world — but we’re still anchored by the unwavering foundation of the TEDWomen community. TEDx organizers will continue to host annual TEDxWomen events, adding to the impressive count of more than 2000 events in more than 135 countries around the world. Learn more about TEDxWomen and find an upcoming event near you.