TED Salons

TED Salons welcome an intimate audience for an afternoon or evening of highly-curated TED Talks revolving around a globally relevant theme. A condensed version of a TED flagship conference, they are distinct in their brevity, opportunities for conversation, and heightened interaction between the speaker and audience.

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All TED Salons are crafted by TED's world-renowned curation team to uncover the world's most innovative ideas.

Many TED Salon events take place at the TED World Theater in New York City. All Salons are free to attend. Sign up to hear about upcoming events and get on the invite list.

Humanizing our Future

In partnership with Verizon

September 20
TED World Theater, NYC
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There are moments when the world begins to shift beneath our feet. Sometimes slowly, sometimes dramatically. Now more than ever we are living and working in an era of exponential technological advancement and innovation. How we address these rapid changes, which human-centered solutions we discover and what collaborative relationships we create with technology and each other will determine the future we step into.

Society 5.0

In partnership with Samsung

September 26
Samsung 837, NYC
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We live in an interconnected world in which the boundaries between physical and digital spaces are increasingly blurred. Similarly, we can no longer think about innovation in isolation. Instead we must consider how emerging technologies like AI, AR, IoT, 5G, robotics, and the decentralized web will combine to create a super smart society. This TED event will be an evening of awe-inspiring talks from leaders and visionaries exploring this new era of interconnectivity and how it will reshape our world.

Radical Craft

October 18
TED World Theater, NYC
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Craft, in the timeless, universal sense of making, connects us all. We craft our environments, our tools and toys, our transport and communications -- our world. Designers are pioneering new territories of making, exploring extremes of 3-D printing, engineering, AI, and computation, but also reimagining ways low-tech materials and ancient crafts can ignite solutions to today’s global challenges. TEDNYC: Radical Craft will showcase the human ingenuity that is shaping our lives, shining light on the beauty inherent in craftsmanship at its extremes. Join us at TEDNYC for an evening with designers, communicators, artists, inventors and storytellers for an inspiring dive into the world radical making.


In partnership with Brightline Initiative

October 23
TED World Theater, NYC
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Today’s volatile world demands that we do things differently. Those who pay attention to things most people cannot see, engineer ideas that stand out. By combing concepts from different areas, we can create simple and unique solutions to old problems. Unconventional implementation of great ideas are driving the world’s most impactful organizations.

The Next Wave

In partnership with Zebra Technologies

November 1
TED World Theater, NYC
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing on a tsunami of change that will dramatically change the ways that we interact with and adapt to technology. How we choose to ride this wave will determine the shape of our future. Will we see this as an opportunity or allow it to become a calamity? Will it unite us to solve our most pressing issues or will it divide us? The aftermath of the next wave depends on us: the tools we utilize, the expertise we tap into, and the heart we bring to the future we build.


December 11
TED World Theater, NYC
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For many, belonging provides the foundation of all comfort, providing a sense of affiliation, at-oneness with a tribe, a party or a community. So how can those lucky enough to have the privilege of belonging bridge the divide to those who do not, those who might feel less peace and more alienation? In this evening salon, we explore what it means to belong, sharing personal stories from those with first hand experience of undocumented life along with the big data picture of the contemporary phenomenon of global mass migration. Sharing ideas from everything from sociology to business, design to literature, these extraordinary speakers will not only share where they find hope for a more inclusive and welcoming world, they’ll also shine a light on the breakthroughs and ideas that might get us there.

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