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TED Salons welcome an intimate audience for an afternoon or evening of highly-curated TED Talks revolving around a globally relevant theme. A condensed version of a TED flagship conference, they are distinct in their brevity, opportunities for conversation, and heightened interaction between the speaker and audience.

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All TED Salons are crafted by TED's world-renowned curation team to uncover the world's most innovative ideas.

Many TED Salon events take place at the TED World Theater in New York City. All Salons are free to attend.

Free to Dream

In partnership with American Family Insurance

November 17, 2021
TED World Theater, NYC

We should all have the right to dream. To imagine and pursue a better, richer, and fuller life according to our own ability and unique ambition. In fact, this ideal is often referred to as the “American Dream.” And yet, the criminal justice system denies many Americans the freedom to truly dream – even those who are technically ‘free’ from incarceration.

Changing this system will not be easy. It will require challenging the status quo, closing equity gaps, and reimagining “normal.” It will require building stronger communities. Fundamentally, it will require challenging our definition of the word ‘freedom’. Recognizing that we are not truly “free” until we are all free to dream.

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