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  • A Greener Future?

    A Greener Future?

    130 Talks

    The environmental debate has traditionally been characterized as a conflict between economic progress and preservatio...

  • Africa: The Next Chapter

    Africa: The Next Chapter

    63 Talks

    In June 2007, TED held its first conference in Africa, titled "Africa: The Next Chapter." Thought leaders from across...

  • Animals That Amaze

    Animals That Amaze

    81 Talks

    What do animals have to do with technology, entertainment, design and the world of ideas? More than you might think. ...

  • Architectural Inspiration

    Architectural Inspiration

    56 Talks

    TED has a love affair with buildings. Big or small, we cherish the inspired visions behind them. But Joshua Prince-Ra...

  • Art Unusual

    Art Unusual

    183 Talks

    Image: Maira Kalman Provocative, multidisciplinary and often technology-driven, new modes of art and performance d...

  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web

    33 Talks

    From lectures at little-known forums to famous speeches that made history, our "Best of the Web" collection features ...

  • Bold Predictions, Stern Warnings

    Bold Predictions, Stern Warnings

    191 Talks

    These passionate, fearless speakers don’t mince words. They identify the most difficult problems and propose bold sol...

  • Celebrating TEDWomen

    Celebrating TEDWomen

    34 Talks

    Over the past several years, a flood of fascinating data from the worlds of education, microfinance and more has show...

  • Design That Matters

    Design That Matters

    144 Talks

    These speakers celebrate the power of design to unravel social stalemate and to save and enrich lives. Inventor De...

  • Evolution's Genius

    Evolution's Genius

    107 Talks

    TED adores great design. A growing number of speakers focus their Talks on the most elegant designs that exist: those...

  • Food Matters

    Food Matters

    28 Talks

    A cornucopia of great TEDTalks about food: growing it, cooking it, consuming it -- and making sure there's enough for...

  • Hidden Gems

    Hidden Gems

    17 Talks

    Here are some talks that you may not have stumbled on yet -- and that we think you'll love. Sasa Vucinic lays out a b...

  • How the Mind Works

    How the Mind Works

    167 Talks

    At a conference about ideas, it’s important to step back and consider the engine that creates them: the human mind. H...

  • How We Learn

    How We Learn

    98 Talks

    Teachers of all kinds can find fresh resources -- and inspiration -- in this batch of TEDTalks. Some talks may shake ...

  • Inspired by Nature

    Inspired by Nature

    133 Talks

    Who can fail to marvel at the shape of a leaf, the sleek power of a cheetah, the dance of two bodies connecting? Thes...

  • Is There a God?

    Is There a God?

    28 Talks

    While TED has no official stance on religion, speakers do occasionally venture (bravely) into this contentious territ...

  • Listening to Teachers

    Listening to Teachers

    40 Talks

    Everyone has big ideas about education -- and some of the most powerful ideas are coming out of classrooms, where ded...

  • Live Music

    Live Music

    71 Talks

    Some great tunes from the TED stage. Watch legendary musicians like Herbie Hancock -- or discover new talents and new...

  • Master Storytellers

    Master Storytellers

    197 Talks

    Nowhere has the timeless power of narrative been more apparent than at TED: here, storytellers both professional and ...

  • Media With Meaning

    Media With Meaning

    119 Talks

    A well-told story makes change. It's a simple truth -- and it's inspiring and energizing to see this truth put into p...

  • Medicine Without Borders

    Medicine Without Borders

    160 Talks

    The fields of medicine and health care exhibit perhaps the most profound examples of human ingenuity. Many new hea...

  • Might You Live a Great Deal Longer?

    Might You Live a Great Deal Longer?

    40 Talks

    If this collection of provocative speakers proves even partially right, we may all live to a (very) ripe old age. ...

  • Mission Blue Voyage

    Mission Blue Voyage

    19 Talks

    On April 6-10, 2010, inspired by Sylvia Earle's TED Prize wish, a group of 100 scientists, activists and philanthropi...

  • Not Business as Usual

    Not Business as Usual

    217 Talks

    The digital revolution has changed much more than technology, entertainment and design. It has completely transformed...

  • Numbers at Play

    Numbers at Play

    35 Talks

    We all use numbers every day -- but some people have more fun with them than others. The talks in this Theme show off...

  • Ocean Wonders

    Ocean Wonders

    49 Talks

    Dive into TED's archive of ocean talks -- from Tierney Thys' love affair with the big old goofy sunfish to Robert Bal...

  • Peering into Space

    Peering into Space

    55 Talks

    To gaze upward and know we're part of a vast system of heavenly bodies -- it is simultaneously humbling and utterly t...

  • Presentation Innovation

    Presentation Innovation

    82 Talks

    Great speakers hold the power to captivate and inspire. This collection highlights speakers who go one step further -...

  • Rethinking Poverty

    Rethinking Poverty

    107 Talks

    The catchphrase goes, "Make poverty history." But how? These speakers' innovative ideas may convince you to forget th...

  • Spectacular Performance

    Spectacular Performance

    98 Talks

    This collection of extraordinary dancers, actors, musicians, magicians and storytellers will bring both sides of your...

  • Tales of Invention

    Tales of Invention

    232 Talks

    TED has always loved a good creation story. No matter the scale -- kitchen, continent, or solar system -- invention g...

  • Talks from TED Fellows

    Talks from TED Fellows

    63 Talks

    The TED Fellows program brings up-and-coming scientists, artists, thinkers and doers to TED, where they can use the p...

  • Technology, History and Destiny

    Technology, History and Destiny

    134 Talks

    Kevin Kelly says technology is evolving -- just like humans did. So where is it going? Where will it take us? What wi...

  • TED in 3 Minutes

    TED in 3 Minutes

    29 Talks

    If you're hungry for inspiration, but short on time, these snack-sized talks are for you. In 3 minutes, more or less,...

  • TED Prize Winners

    TED Prize Winners

    20 Talks

    Every year, TED names three new recipients for the TED Prize. These are the winners' acceptance talks, where they rev...

  • The Charter for Compassion

    The Charter for Compassion

    10 Talks

    The Talks in this Theme look at compassion, the best idea humanity's ever had. Leaders from many faiths, science writ...

  • The Creative Spark

    The Creative Spark

    316 Talks

    How are we inspired? Where might our imaginations take us? What does creativity look like in its wildest form? These ...

  • The Power of Cities

    The Power of Cities

    46 Talks

    In the last 3,000 years, the history of humankind has been tied to the history of cities. With half of the world's po...

  • The Rise of Collaboration

    The Rise of Collaboration

    80 Talks

    Yochai Benkler dubs it 'the wealth of networks." Howard Rheingold's term is "smart mobs." It's the idea of technology...

  • To Boldly Go ...

    To Boldly Go ...

    96 Talks

    At TED, the spirit of adventure runs deep. An explorer's tale can move us, enrich our knowledge and awaken the wander...

  • Unconventional Explanations

    Unconventional Explanations

    215 Talks

    Sometimes the best way to reach the right answer is to be unafraid of asking the question sideways. Take Jonathan Hai...

  • War and Peace

    War and Peace

    82 Talks

    TEDTalks offer many perspectives on war -- from Thomas Barnett's bracing realpolitik to James Nachtwey's powerful pho...

  • What Makes Us Happy?

    What Makes Us Happy?

    95 Talks

    It's perhaps the most universal human yearning: to be happy. But this simplest of goals so often eludes us. We're not...

  • What's Next in Tech

    What's Next in Tech

    194 Talks

    The contemplation and, often, introduction of new technology is integral to TED: you might say it's embedded in our g...

  • Whipsmart Comedy

    Whipsmart Comedy

    52 Talks

    Great truths can come of great laughs. Rives' lyrical language unfolds around a series of historical coincidences ...

  • Women Reshaping the World

    Women Reshaping the World

    95 Talks

    These TEDTalks share one thing in common: big, bold ideas about women's roles in the world. Data-driven insights that...

  • Words About Words

    Words About Words

    78 Talks

    Language is the stuff of thought -- the more we know about it, the better we will understand ourselves. These speaker...