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Can there be meaning in pointless torment?

“We cannot bear a pointless torment.” As is often the case with writer Andrew Solomon, you want to write down everything he says and think every sentence over for an hour, day, ...

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How we make choices

8 talks • 2h 31m
Illuminating talks on why some choices are so tough and how we can choose to make better ones. (Or are we in control of our own choices at all?)

Brandon Boyd: 9 eye-opening talks

9 talks • 2h 29m
Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus, says, "I hope to one day perform live music on the moon. Perhaps if all goes according to plan, we can make a TED Talk out of it!" We eagerly await this event. Until then, here are his favorite talks.

Might you live a great deal longer?

5 talks • 1h 21m
We're obsessed with age: Quests for youth, immortality and prolonged life are, indeed, ageless. Here, explore the science of longer lives and imagine what we might do with our extra years.

Personal tales from the edge of life

14 talks • 3h 53m
For some, just living can be a trying experience. Hear beautiful, intimate and ultimately uplifting stories of challenge -- from making a new home in a strange country, to rebuilding life after unthinkable tragedy.
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