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A ghost heart?

Here’s a treat for Valentine’s Day: Take a close-up look at a decellularized “ghost heart.” This heart can serve as a scaffold upon which to grow a working heart from human stem...

How to grow a bone without a body

Want to watch a bone grow? Watch this video from TED Fellow Nina Tandon and her colleague Sarindr Bhumiratana, at Columbia University’s Laboratory for Stem Cells and Tissue Eng...

What are your drugs trying to tell you?

Execution. A word that gives me the willies not because I picture a Westerosi royal beheader coming for my neck, but because it conjures images of budgets and bottom lines. Seri...

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What doctors worry about

12 talks • 3h 21m
We worry about what our doctors will tell us -- and so do they. Doctors, scientists and medical researchers weigh in on health care and better health practices.

A cure for cancer?

6 talks • 1h 51m
Ridding the world of cancer: It's a far-flung dream, but that doesn't stop many from trying. Hear from researchers who've dedicated their lives and careers to understanding cancer, then ending it.

The future of medicine

11 talks • 2h 23m
Take this tour of medicine's future with some of the trailblazing doctors charting its course. Once you've seen a transplantable human kidney created from a 3D printer, almost anything is imaginable ...

Should we redesign humans?

10 talks • 2h 15m
The age of bioengineering is upon us, with scientists' understanding of how to engineer cells, tissues and organs improving at a rapid pace. Here, how this could affect the future of our physical bodies.
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