Let’s redesign the medical experience!

An exploration of what it would like if the medical industry practiced a more patient-first mentality.

  1. 19:19
    Atul Gawande How do we heal medicine?

    Our medical systems are broken. Doctors are capable of extraordinary (and expensive) treatments, but they are losing their core focus: actually treating people. Doctor and writer Atul Gawande suggests we take a step back and look at new ways to do medicine — with fewer cowboys and more pit crews.

  2. 16:33
    Thomas Goetz It's time to redesign medical data

    Your medical chart: it's hard to access, impossible to read — and full of information that could make you healthier if you just knew how to use it. At TEDMED, Thomas Goetz looks at medical data, making a bold call to redesign it and get more insight from it.

  3. 16:36
    Anders Ynnerman Visualizing the medical data explosion

    Medical scans can produce thousands of images for a single patient in seconds, but how do doctors know what's useful? Scientific visualization expert Anders Ynnerman shows us sophisticated new tools — like virtual autopsies — for analyzing our data, and hints at the sci-fi-sounding medical technologies coming up next. This talk contains some graphic medical imagery.

  4. 16:34
    Rebecca Onie What if our health care system kept us healthy?

    Rebecca Onie asks audacious questions: What if waiting rooms were a place to improve daily health care? What if doctors could prescribe food, housing and heat in the winter? At TEDMED she describes Health Leads, an organization that does just that — and does it by building a volunteer base as elite and dedicated as a college sports team.