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TEDx events unleash fresh ideas from local communities. Close to 50,000 talks have been given at 10,000 events since the program launched in 2009. Below, the 10 most-watched TEDx talks posted to our homepage.

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What if we could brew painkillers?

From aspirin to anticoagulants, penicillin to cancer treatments, some of our most important human medicines come from plants. But extracting the medicinal compounds from plants ...

Are the Arctic ice caps rotting away?

A scary discovery from Arctic ice researcher David Barber — that hints at wild weather to come. On July 1, David Barber will pack a trunk full of warm clothing and scientific ge...

Want to eat well? Forget about willpower

We know surprisingly little about what we want to eat, and why. Researcher Brian Wansink has been leading thousands of studies to understand more. Two decades ago, Brian Wansink...
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