These TED Talks -- from maestros, musical virtuosos and the occasional robot -- take you into the world of creating and conducting music.

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Live music, onstage at TED

10 talks • 2h 6m
We've cued up two hours of live music straight from the TED stage. Listen for a wide range of virtuoso musicians -- on some very surprising instruments ...

Bono: 8 talks that give me hope

8 talks • 2h 19m
Bono picks 8 talks that express powerful ideas -- and shares exactly why each needs to be spread far and wide.

Björk: 6 talks that are music to my ears

6 talks • 1h 1m
Björk picks 6 TED Talks that she simply adores, from a mushroom burial suit to a virtual choir of thousands.

Maestros, if you please ... !

10 talks • 3h 26m
These extraordinary maestros bring you into the world of writing and conducting music.
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What making music does to your brain

What’s it like to have a song inside your head, itching to get out? A neuroscientist and a songwriter compare notes from the frontier of music and science. Music is the most com...
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