These TED Talks -- from maestros, musical virtuosos and the occasional robot -- take you into the world of creating and conducting music.

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Sometimes you need to go back to go forward

Even Sting gets writer’s block. “One day, the songs stopped coming,” he reveals in his TED Talk. “Day after day, you face a blank page and nothing is coming. And those days turn...
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8 talks • 2h 27m
Stunning performances straight from the TED stage. These musicians will transport you with their instrumental mastery.

Maestros, if you please ... !

10 talks • 3h 26m
These extraordinary maestros bring you into the world of writing and conducting music.

The Remix

8 talks • 1h 39m
DJs make remixes, cross-pollinating old sounds with new. But all of us engage in this conversation between the past and present, making ideas resonate over and over again.

Björk: 6 talks that are music to my ears

6 talks • 1h 01m
Björk picks 6 TED Talks that she simply adores, from a mushroom burial suit to a virtual choir of thousands.
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